You Have Problems Because You Complain

You Have Problems Because You Complain

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Do you find yourself with a lot more problems that you should have? Did you know you have problems because you complain? Now I’m not saying your the problem what I’m saying is you are actually creating more problems because you complain. 

I know someone and I am sure you know someone as well that complains all the time. I think we all know that one person that complains because the sun is shining too bright or the wind is blowing fast enough. You know who I’m talking about. These are the people that find the negative in every situation possible. Even if it isn’t possible to find something negative they create it, by complaining. 

When we complain about something it is because we already know there is something better. We complain when it rains for days on in because we want the sunshine. If we never experienced the sunshine the rain wouldn’t be a bother. 

We complain when the forecast calls for a 60% chance of rain; well what about the 40% chance of sunshine we still have?!? Instead of complaining about the negative and what we don’t want we need to be grateful for what we have and what we want. Like that 40% chance of sunshine. 

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Stop Complaining and Choose To Be Happy

Being happy is a choice, being angry is a choice, and choosing not to forgive is a choice. Nobody and I mean nobody can make you angry unless you allow them to. The same goes for happiness. I used to complain a lot. Then one day a friend gave me an audio titled The Ant The Elephant. That is when I began to understand that what feel is nothing more than a choice just like complaining.

I used to worry all the time about everything. Then one day I just decided to STOP. I stopped worrying and I stopped complaining. The word complain was no longer in my vocabulary and you know the weirdest thing happened, my problems just sort of disappearing. I found that I had less and less problems the less I complained. 

By finding the positive in every situation good or bad I was able to change the outcome When you complain you are draining all your energy and creating negative vibes that create more problems. I know I say this a lot but it is one of those things that has just stuck with me; my pastor once said:

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So, stop complaining and choose to be happy. Find the positive in every situation and watch things begin to change. No, this doesn’t happen over night but with consistency and control over your thoughts change will begin to form and you will begin to change your mindset.  

When your thoughts change from negative to a positive mindset you are more likely to find ways to better your self and fix problems you once swore were unfixable. 

2 Steps To Stop Complaining 

Take 100% responsibility for your actions and decisions. 

If you were late for work why were you late? Did you oversleep? Did fail to find your clothes the night before or make your lunch? Did you have a flat tire or other car problems? When is the last time you had a car check-up? 

These are things that you could have prevented. So, take responsibility for the things you can and could have controlled. 

When things happen that are out of our control don’t get upset about it. Getting upset is not going to make it better. If anything it will make things worse because you are complaining and now you just drained all your energy and feel like a pile of poop. What good did it do? 

Stop playing the Blame Game. Playing the blame game really isn’t any fun. In fact, it makes you look childish when you blame others or even things. When something doesn’t go as planned the outcome is a based on your response to the event. This formula is a called E+R=O which stands for Event + (Your) Response = the Outcome. 

Everything that is happening today is a result of thoughts and actions you took (or did not take) a year ago. The thoughts you think today will affect you a year from now and the thoughts you thought yesterday will affect you tomorrow. 

So, if you were complaining a year ago about your job you likely did nothing about it and you are probably still at that job today. Get where I am going with this? You have problems because you complain instead of doing something about it. 

Believe in a higher power (for me this God). 

If you believe there is something bigger than you something like God then it is easier to not worry. When you worry about things you tend to complain. When you complain you are being negative and attracting more of what you don’t want because that is what you are focusing on. 

There is a story in the Bible of Moses and the Israelites. Moses took the people out of Egypt and for 40 years they wandered in the desert. God had land for them that He had promised but the Israelites complained about well just about everything. 

God made sure they had food every day to eat but even then they complained about the manta and at one point even said they would rather go back to Egypt. Was it really that bad? I think they were just ungrateful like many of us today are. 

Instead of putting faith in a higher power such as God we tend to complain about the things we have, the things we can control, and even the things we can’t control like the weather and which way the wind blows. 

Start being grateful the 40% sunshine instead of complaining about the 60% chance of rain. Be grateful for the peanut butter and bread you have to eat because someone out there may only have jelly. Give all your worries over to a higher power, like God and believe that He will take care of things. 

Remember you have problems because you complain. Stop complaining and watch your problems begin to fade. 

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