You Can Never Out Give God

You Can Never Outgive God

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Have you ever heard that saying “You Can Never Outgive God!” It is true to let me tell you. I have been a Christian all my life but I have not necessarily always been a faithful tither.

I was the kind of tither that would give here and give some there. I would even give 10% of my income tax return yet not tithe a cent the rest of the year. All while expecting God to create miracles in my life. Ha!

I can’t remember when it wasn’t long ago, my Pastor said something that stuck with me. He said (this is not word for word but close enough) “You can tell if you’re a faithful tither and follower by stepping back and looking at the struggles in your life.”

Wow, wait a minute, struggles?

I thought about what he said. Even after I got a job I still didn’t tithe. What? I needed the money, like every penny I could get. Yeah, things were that bad. 

Let me tell you God gave me a job and He tooketh it away. When I got another job I made the decision to give 10% of my income faithfully pulling my tithe money out of the bank before I paid any bills. Even if I couldn’t afford to pay my tithes I still paid them. At first, I was lucky to make $120 every couple weeks. I believe one check was even less and that was for two weeks. 

I continued to tithe faithfully over the next couple months, reminding you I started this in September of 2015. 

Make an offering of ten percent, a tithe – 

Deuteronomy 14:22-26

Today I received my Contributions Statement and I’m not kidding you when I say from my very 1st tithe in September to December my tithes (contributions) has quad-tripled. No joke.  

That only means that my income has increased. How else could I have afforded to give more every payday? I couldn’t have if God wouldn’t have increased my income. 

Every since I made the decision to be faithful in my tithing God has done amazing things in my life. 

In December 2014 I found myself with no income and no job. I started an online business and blog and struggled to make it work. I felt like this was what God wanted so why wasn’t he making it happen? Why was I not getting the sales or making money with it? 

It was because I wasn’t trusting Him and I wasn’t sowing any seeds. 

Here I am over a year later still hanging in there and again I can’t stress enough you can never out give God. He is doing amazing things in my online business and my blog. Things I never would have imagined possible. 

You can never out give God. I repeat you can never out give God. As I write this I am looking forward to 2016 and what God has planned. I am looking forward to continuing to give with a joyful heart. 

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  1. Wow! Such a well written blog post as always Shauna! VERY important lesson here that everyone needs to hear. I have experienced that too in my life as well….when you give from the heart , trusting with full faith that God is there for you, blessings multiply like you can’t imagine. Thank you for sharing your experiences and being such a light for the world. Rock on! 🙂

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