Why Is It So Hard To…

Why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve my life?
We all are unsatisfied with us at some point in our life. Everyone of us wants to achieve something in our life, but not every one of us achieves it.And the rest of our lives we keep thinking that where did we go wrong? But we couldn’t find the answer.
The question is “why”?
Let’s get deeper into the problem!

How do we get into the problem?
We usually set the higher standards for us. We set standards while we are unaware of our own capabilities.We try to take big steps directly without paying attention to the small stuff.
Have you ever read a paragraph at a point of time? No, because it’s not possible.In order to complete a paragraph, we have to go through each line and each word with understanding.
Same happens with our life. We try to reach our goals. We try hard to change our lives but what we ignore are the basic things which lead to change.

So, the main question arises that “why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve my life”?
Let’s take a look at this problem in two ways:

The way that our minds are designed, is our minds are designed to stop you, at all costs, from doing anything, that might hurt you.

There are so many people in the world, you know, you may be reading this right now, and you have these incredible ideas and what you think is missing is motivation, which is not true.
Because the way that our minds are wired, and the fact about human beings is that we are not designed to do the things that are uncomfortable, or scary, or difficult.
Our brains are designed to protect us from those things. Because our brain is trying to keep us alive. In order to change, in order to build a business, in order to be the best parent, best parent or best spouse, or doing all those things you know you want to do with your life.You have to do things that are uncomfortable, uncertain or scary, which sets up this problem for all of us.

2. Practically through our Life
I have heard a lot of people saying that “I don’t know when I got into this problem” or “how the hell I get here”!
I would like to remind you that we usually ignore our daily life and when that daily life routine gives consequences, we start asking such questions.We take small decisions without thinking about it.Then, we ask ourselves “How the hell did I get here”?

Those tiny decisions are the cornerstones of our lives.We usually ignore those things and then we wonder for our situations.
We usually get motivated, which is not enough.Motivation is temporary while inspiration is permanent.We target big actions in motivation without paying attention to the small stuff.
We choose to do things but we don’t decide because we keep it for the future.Is it good?No, it is the reason we can’t reach up to the actions of our choice.

Comfort Zone Problem
Another thing why don’t we make little decisions, because we are addicted to it.It has become our comfort zone.And in order to come out of our comfort zone, we think a lot.
Whenever we face a choice of changing our habits, we usually think and procrastinate and the effect of that reason or choice gets mitigating time to time and thus, we remain in our comfort zones.

Our comfort zones prevail over us.That’s the biggest reason why we can’t take those little decisions.
So, I think you have understood the problem.Let’s move to the solution.

The answer is the 5-second window.
Every human being has a 5-second window, might even be shorter for some people.That means every one of us has 5 seconds at most to make a decision.Every one of you has a 5-second window in which you can move from idea to action.After those 5-seconds, your brain will try to stop you from doing changes.It will sabotage any change of behavior.
When you will understand the power of a 5-second decision.When you understand you have a choice to go from auto pilot to decision maker.Everything in your life will change.

Your life comes down to your decisions.If you change your decisions, you will change your life.

You can always make a decision, that’s always in your control.For some example:

⦁ Staying with somebody who treats you like garbage is a decision.
⦁ Staying at a job that you hate is a decision.
⦁ Staying in the body that you are not proud of is a decision.
Is it going to be easy to change?
No, it’s not gonna be easy, but it’s simple.
It’s your job to push yourself.

If you want to achieve your goals, just don’t focus on them.Focus on the process.You can’t control the outcome of the event.You can’t control anything outside you.You have to change your behavior.Your behavior will be the key to your way to success.But if you don’t change it, no matter how hard you try, you won’t reach your goal.

Sometimes you will feel like you are going nowhere in life, after taking those decisions.So, whenever you feel like you are going nowhere in life, take a breath, and read this.

So, this is the reason and solution to the question “Why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve my life?”
If you have more questions about this or if you think I have missed something, then please comment below.

Post Credit: Ronit Masih 

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