What’s The WHY Behind Everything You Do?

What’s The WHY Behind Everything You Do?

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What’s The WHY Behind Everything You Do? Why do you get up and go to work every day? The first thing many people would respond with is because I have to. No, you don’t. Yes, you read that right. You do not have to get up and go to work every day. You choose to get up and go to work every day.

“Well, I have to pay the bills and feed the kids.” Yes, this is true. However, you choose to do those things as well. Many people don’t even realize it but we have a WHY behind everything we do.

Maybe you want to go on a vacation so you take on overtime at work. That is a WHY and it’s what’s driving you to work those extra hours.

It’s no difference for Entrepreneurs. Well, maybe just a little. I say that because we entrepreneurs don’t have a boss to report to every day. We have to hold ourselves accountable.

This is the reason it’s so important as entrepreneurs to keep our WHY behind everything we do in the front of our mind at all times. The second you lose focus of WHY you start to stumble off your path.

This happens all the time to people who are miserable in their profession. Either they ended up somewhere they don’t really want to be because they lost focus or they just gave up. Sometimes people even grow up to become Doctors and Singers but their heart is really somewhere else. That’s because their WHY is somewhere else too.

What’s the WHY behind everything you do? Share in the comments. I have several reasons behind everything I do.

I wanted to move to Florida, which we are doing in just one week!

December 2015 Clearwater, Florida

I want to go on Mission Trips and share the gospel as well as inspire and encourage others to believe in themselves. 

Mission Trip 2012 Little Rock, Arkansas

I want to pay for my daughter’s college tuition so she won’t have any college debt.

I want to homeschool my son next school year.

These are just a few of my WHY behind everything I do. I have learned that writing these down and pasting pictures in a book helps to keep you focused.

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