What If

What If 

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What if …. Those two words can destroy so much. I know I used to use these words all the time. I had a constant battle in my head of What if‘s. What if I don’t get the job? What if I fail? 

I used to worry so much about everything. I worried so much I worried about people I didn’t even know. I worried about their problems. I worried what if for them. I worried about money, food, gas…. literally everything. I worried about things I couldn’t change more than things I could change. 

I worried about the what if‘s so much that I began to hoarder money and became selfish. If someone asked to borrow some money I would have probably told them I didn’t have it because I was too worried how I would get more or how I would pay for something the following week or even month. 

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The what if became so accustomed to my daily mindset that it molded me into a Negative Nancy. I found myself complaining to who ever would listen or so I thought was listening. I complained to people who could do nothing about what I was complaining about. 

I just complained about the what if to be complaining. Because I could. 

What If You Stopped Worrying and Complaining

What if you stopped all the worrying and complaining? What is the worse that could happen? Well you would be less stressed that is for sure. You may not see it but when you worry about things you are actually tormenting yourself and your bringing more of what you don’t want into your reality. You get what you focus on; good or bad. 

I know for me personally the day I decided to stop worrying and put my life in God’s hands is the day things began to change. I stopped worrying what if and started asking what can I do instead. When something came my way that could potentially wreck havock on my life I would simply take a deep breath and ask what can I do. 

Just recently an old debt came back to haunt me. I won’t go into detail but its a pretty hefty debt. Now as a Christian I believe that paying our debtors is the Christian thing to do so I agreed to pay the debt as soon as I was capable. Well some time passed and I forgot about the debt. Then one day out of no where my hard earned check received a garnishment. 

Now the old me would have freaked out had a break down and probably admitted myself into a mental institution because I wouldn’t have been able to cope with all the what if‘s and what now’s pacing through my mind. 

Instead I went to court and agreed that I owed the debt and asked the judge for a decrease in the amount, which by the way was denied. Knowing that was a possibility, I prayed that God would help me to accept the outcome no matter what. 

Since my motion was denied I could have easily fell back into my old way of thinking and went through all the what if‘s but instead I asked what can I do to help pay this debt off and still be able to live comfortably? 

I believe because I responded instead of reacting (click here <——– to read a blog post I wrote about How to Change the Outcome by Responding and Not Reacting) God made a way for this to be possible. Just like that opportunities, people, and resources were placed in my path. 

So what is it that has you asking what if? Is it really that bad? Is it something you can or can’t change? If it is something you can change then stop complaining and do something about it. If it’s something you have no control over then stop allowing your imaginations ruin your life!

There is a story in the Bible of how the Israelites were in the wilderness and God supplied them with manta to eat daily. Some of the Israelites was too busy asking what if instead of being grateful and hoarded extra for tomorrow. God was unhappy as He felt like they were lacking trust that He would provide as He has been daily, so the extra manta became rotten. 

Rotten, that is exactly what happens when you focus on the what if. Your life becomes rotten. So, are you still asking What if

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