What Effect Do You Have on Others?

What Effect Do You Have on Others?

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What Effect Do You Have on Others? Did you know your attitude will and can touch someone before your message or actions do? It’s true. Are you a positive person? Do you always find the good in something not so good? Those actions alone can make a world of difference. So what effect do you have on others?

Have you ever heard you get more of what you focus on? My pastor once said this and it was one of those things that just stuck with me.

I find this to be true whether you are a believer or a doubter. If you doubt something will work then there are very high chances it won’t. Why because you are giving off that vibe to everyone that crosses your path. That is how you effect others. Make sense? 

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It works the same way if you are a positive person. If you are walking down an aisle at the grocery store and you smile at someone chances are that person will smile back. Even if they don’t smile back you still had an effect on that person even if it was for just a slight second, you still had an effect. 

So whether you are building a business online, starting new relationships with co-workers, or passing someone in the store, be sure to stop and ask yourself what effect do you have on others? 

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