We may not be Perfect but We sure are Flawless

We May Not Be Perfect But We Sure Are Flawless 

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We may not be perfect but we sure are flawless; wait a minute! Flawless, really? I don’t know about you but I have flaws and a lot of them. Some physical and some not. Now unless your super conceded I bet you too have flaws.  So how can we be flawless and not perfect at the same time? Trust me on this we may not be perfect but we sure are flawless

If you are one of my followers then you have probably noticed the last time I blogged on this site was July 1st. So much has happened in my life over the past few months some of which I blogged about and some I have been quiet about. Many of these flaws have kept me captive. 

Over the past few weeks I have been dealing with things like my past, decisions I’ve made that turned out to not be the right decision, my spiritual walk with Jesus, and oh so much more, like my appearance.

My hair is thinning and my teeth are not in the best shape. My weight seems to fluctuate and I just can’t seem to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am far from perfect and will be the first to tell you so how could I possibly be flawless? 

Flawless by MercyMe 

I first heard this song called Flawless by MercyMe a couple months back. The first time I heard it I fell in love. It was like it took hold of all those crazy emotions that run through me. I bet I knew the lyrics by heart the second time I listened to it. 

The dictionary definition of flawless is something without defects or flaws. Well as I clearly pointed out I have flaws and I am absolute you do too since no one is perfect, not even that flawless model in that magazine. 

Knowing this I decided to dig a little further into the song and its meaning. So I watched the video. Here it is but make sure you pay attention. 

Again I have so many flaws I can relate to almost everyone in the video. Sadly I have doubted God and I even worry about my health failing especially every since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. These lyrics are what made me see things in a different light. 

No matter the bumps
No matter the bruises
No matter the scars
Still the truth is
The cross has made
The cross has made you flawless
No matter the hurt
Or how deep the wound is
No matter the pain
Still the truth is
The cross has made
The cross has made you flawless

Could it possibly be
That we simply can’t believe
That this unconditional
Kind of love would be enough
To take a filthy wretch like this
And wrap him up in righteousness
But that’s exactly what He did


Sometimes I try to not believe in God or that Jesus never walked the earth or that He didn’t really die on the cross. But the truth is He did. There are so many things I can not explain. Like the fact that we may not be perfect but we sure are flawless, flawless in God’s eyes. 

No matter the bumps, no matter the bruises, no matter the scars remember you are flawless. Life is what you make it. Choose to be happy. Choose to be positive and always remember you can tackle anything whether its poverty or a sickness with God’s help. We may not be perfect but we sure are flawless when it comes to the cross. 

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