We Get What We Tolerate


We Get What We Tolerate

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We get what we tolerate; have you ever heard such a thing? This made me think about what I’m getting and if I really am tolerating it. After I thought about it I was astonished by how true this really is. What are you getting that your tolerating? Let me explain in more detail how we get what we tolerate before you saying nothing. 


We get what we tolerate by working a job we hate or staying in a relationship we are not happy in. If your child acts out but you did nothing about it and wonder why they repeatedly act that way it is because you are tolerating their behavior. 

If you are surrounded by people who bring you down and don’t support your dreams and goals then you have no right to get upset when you don’t succeed. I know how harsh that sounds but the truth is you become most like those who you surround yourself with. 

We get what we tolerate in every area of our life. From relationships to career to our income. Yep, I even included income. I am a firm believer that we create our reality. We get what we focus on whether positive or negative. 

If you are working a job you don’t like or maybe you love it but feel you should be paid more but just accept what is given to you then you tolerate it. What are you doing to get a better promotion that comes with a pay increase or a job you will love? 

What if you found your calling but obstacles came your way as they will continue to but you decided it was too tough to stick it out and went back to that old job you hate. You can’t blame the world, your spouse, or anyone else. After all, we get what we tolerate

I don’t know about you but I can relate to this more than I would like to admit. I often say I have phobias of phobias because I’m so scared of so many things like heights among many. Of course, these are all limiting beliefs that a moment in time created.  

What excuses are you telling yourself and others? I remember when I graduated college I took the very first job that was offered to me. I didn’t even like what I was doing which was selling knives but I tolerated it. I did it for awhile then moved onto to yet another sales job then another. It was like an endless cycle of sales jobs I hated! I wasn’t even a salesperson. 

I couldn’t figure out why sales jobs were the only types of job I could get. Truth be told I tolerated it and that is what I kept applying for because I knew they would hire me, instead of working towards a career I would love. Again, we get we what tolerate. 

When I finally decided enough was enough and I wasn’t tolerating it anymore I found my passion, my calling, and now I do what I love! I read books and the I Blog and make courses teaching others what I learned. Stopping the excuses and playing the blame game allowed me to move forward in life. 

So, what is it that you tolerating? Your income, job, kids, spouse? Be honest with yourself. Why are you tolerating it? if you are tired of the way things are and you’re ready for change then I highly suggest you enroll in my upcoming course Living On Purpose

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