We Are Made To Give

We Are Made To Give

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We are made to give. So, what are you giving? I sincerely believe with all my heart God gave us all gifts. Gifts that we are supposed to use to help others. Did you know that by giving we receive more? It is true it’s like a boomerang, however, I do believe you have to give with from the heart. What are you contributing since we are made to give

I can remember as a young child thinking to myself that I wasn’t good at nothing, absolutely nothing. I couldn’t sing and I couldn’t dance. I was very shy and introverted so what was left? I definitely didn’t inherit my dad’s artistry or my mom’s knack for cooking. 

Even though I had a love for writing it wasn’t until later in my adulthood that I realized that this was actually a gift. A gift I could use to help others. When I realized this I also realized that my love for reading was also a gift. Again it took me awhile to realize I could actually use these gifts to help others. 

By reading self-improvement and faith based books I am able to turn around and share with others what I read and learned. I have even made several coursesIt is simply amazing how you can get such fulfillment out of helping and giving to others. 

Giving Is A Way Of Loving

I was listening to a podcast yesterday with Tony Robbins and he was talking about how he started out buying a dinner from a local grocery store for a couple of families. This was way before he became one of the best known worldwide success coaches of all time. 

He went to the manager of his local grocery store explained what he was doing and was able to get the manager to agree to a discount. Tony now feeds millions of people all over the world. He even wrote a book Unshakable and all proceeds go to feeding the hungry. How awesome is that? He is using his gifts to give. 

Tony loves people in general and hates to see anyone struggle especially go hungry since there was a time he was hungry. He took his situation and made it better by giving. He gives in many ways. He gives his knowledge and gives his love. 

All through out the Bible it speaks of giving. Giving tithes, food to the hungry and poor, giving your services, even giving your knowledge or encouragement. There are endless ways to give you just have to find your way and get busy giving from the heart

There was a time when I was a single struggling mom. I tried everything to make a change but nothing seemed to work. However, I was determined to find a way and when I found that way I vowed to share with others so that they too can change their life. 

I am on a journey to help as many people as I can. I am currently working on something for my community to where I can offer my course Living on Purpose to single parents at no cost. I know people will say I am crazy but it isn’t about the money it’s about giving and using my gifts to help and encourage others to follow and achieve their God-Given Dream.  Find your purpose and start giving back, after all, we are made to give

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