The Red Crayon Incident

The Red Crayon Incident

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I have to tell you about the red crayon incident and the effect it had on me. The red crayon incident happened yesterday and I have to be honest I was very upset at first. Before I go into details about the red crayon incident I need to first explain a few other things.

I hate to admit this but I can be quick to anger or frustration especially with my kids. In the past I would yell, scream, just plain get angry and then later apologize because I felt so horrible and realized a lot of the time I was angry or upset over nothing. I, of course, am working on this and have come a long way.

These past few months I have really been working on myself. My relationship with Jesus, my kids, myself, and anything in my life that needed change. Like my attitude and how I respond to things.

I am a huge fan of Jack Canfield and recently completed his 10 Day Transformation (click the link for the 10 Day Transformation) that ended up changing my life along with my Daily Devotion and Bible Study.

One thing that stuck with me from his book The Success Principles and the course was E+R=O which means Event + Response = Outcome. Again and again, I read and heard take responsibility through his teachings. Or how you respond to an event determines the outcome.

When the red crayon incident happened, of course, I was upset; at first. After all, I am human. Okay, I know you are wondering “What red crayon incident?” Right? Okay, I will tell you.

I was doing laundry last night and was in a bit of hurry with so much to do. It was already late and my son needed a bath among other things.

The first load was in the dryer and things were going along smoothly until the red crayon incident. I opened the dryer, pulled clothes out, and began folding. Then something red caught my eye on my brand new white shirt I had just bought the day before.

My first thought was it was BBQ Sauce I had spilled earlier in the day and it didn’t come out. I turned the shirt around only to see red crayon all over my new shirt.

All I could think was “No! I’m going to strangle my son!” I screamed and ran upstairs and chewed him out as I am sure any mother would have done. Okay so maybe some, not all  😐

I soon realized it wasn’t only my white shirt but the entire load. Red crayon was melted and dried on everything. Socks, underwear, my son’s clothes, it was everywhere.

I was so upset, I for one don’t have money to run out and buy new wardrobes. My daughter helped me spray some Shout and as we scrubbed this thought and feeling came over me out of nowhere.

Call it what you want but I believe it was God or maybe the Holy Spirit. I heard this voice loud and clear in my head. It told me to first calm down, take responsibility, and forgive my son because it was not his fault.

“Not his fault!” That’s what I said in my mind to myself. Then the words “Take Responsibility” popped into my thoughts.

Take responsibility?  That is when I realized I didn’t check the pockets. I needed to take responsibility. I was the one doing laundry and if …. if I would have checked the pockets the red crayon incident could have been avoided. 

This made me wonder how many things in our life can be avoided like the red crayon incident. I thought about it and I realized a lot can be avoided. I am pleased to share with you that my daughter and I got all of the red crayon out of everything. Now it’s time to get the red crayon out of everything else in my life. What are your red crayon incidents?

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2 Replies to “The Red Crayon Incident”

  1. wow thankfully all the red crayon came out… great post and truly a lesson to be learned thanks for sharing Shauna

  2. What a great story, Shauna! And what a gracious response to the incident. Your kids will benefit from your growth. Thanks for sharing!

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