The Minimum Wage Raise Debate and Why I am Against It

The Minimum Wage Raise Debate and Why I am Against It

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The minimum wage raise debate and why I am against it may surprise you. Now I don’t watch the news simply because there is more negativity than positivity and I just don’t do negativity. Well, the other day the TV was on and as I was cooking dinner I could hear our local news station discussing the minimum wage debate. Not really sure what the news was doing on I think it came on right after Dr. Phil. Anyway, I couldn’t help it I was quickly be pulled in by the discussion taking place on my TV.

The news story lasted about 2 maybe 3 minutes. I think I was most curious as to whether the state of Missouri, my neighboring state, actually passed the bill or not. In that short 2 – 3 minutes it showed the bill not being passed and they also showed a couple 30 – 60-second interviews of employees who were demanding the minimum wage raise to $10 an hour.

After the story, I hurried and turned the TV off before I could be captured by another sad, horrifying, or negative story. As I finished cooking I found myself thinking back to when I made minimum wage. I remembered how I used to say things like “It so tough being a single parent” or “I can’t get ahead whatever I do. I take two steps forward and three more back”, another one I would say a lot was “I can’t find a job because I am over-qualified due to my degree or I have no experience.”

These were things I would say constantly on a daily basis sometimes repeatedly through out the day. Sometimes I would say these things to other people but mostly I said them to myself. I think it was a way of having self -pity on myself. It sure worked let me tell you. I stayed making minimum wage for many years due to my thinking and self – pity.

The Truth about Why I am Against the Minimum Wage Raise 

Afterward, I posted a Facebook post and it quickly touched a few people in the wrong way. However, the likes did in fact out weigh the negativity I received. I won’t mention names but here is my post and the ending outcome of the conversation. After snapping the screenshot I deleted the comments (there were two other ones) and also unfriended the person. I am not a controversial type of person neither do I like drama. I stand up for what I believe in like not raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour but I will not argue my point instead I will use it where it is accepted and appreciated. 

One thing I want to clear up before I go any further is I do believe and feel minimum wage should be raised just not to $10 an hour. At least not when it is currently $7.70 in Missouri and $8.25 in Illinois. Before I get into why I am against the minimum wage raise I want to share my post with you: 


I know the comment may be a little hard to read. Basically, he was saying that I think I am better than everyone else.  I can assure you this is not the case. I am all about empowering others. He even went on to mention how I recently lived with my mom, correction it was my dad, and how he even knew that is beyond me.

However, since that was brought up it actually plays a huge part in why I am against the minimum wage raise to $10.00 an hour. First of all, living with my parents is no longer my story. You see I changed my story, therefore, I changed my life. I worked hard to get to where I am now. Yes, I used to think I was entitled to make more money at minimum wage but that was when I felt entitled to things I did not deserve. 

You must understand this…. God owes you nothing. The universe owes you nothing. We are where we are because of the actions we took or did not take. We are where we are because of the thoughts we thought or did not think. If you are working a minimum wage job no one told you to work there. You are the one who accepted that job. What are you doing to get a better job? 

Are you taking any classes or courses? What about the proper training? Do you have any skills? What have you done to gain new skills?

You can’t tell me your story and expect me to feel sorry for you. I know how harsh that may sound but hear me out. I have been there. I have been through it. I have been with out electric, water, a car, even a phone. I have had my cars repoed and I have been sued. I had a beautiful house that I lost and yes I lived with my parents.

I had lawn chairs as furniture in my living room when I moved out on my own. I have fed my kids breakfast for dinner not because it sounded good but because that was all we had to eat. I have used toilet paper for coffee filters and dried my socks in the oven. I have washed my clothes by hand in the bathtub and dried them on a fan. 

Shall I go a little further and talk about my childhood? My mom was was an alcoholic and was on public assistance. Time after time I watched men beat the tar out of my mom. My brother and I were even beaten on the bottom of our bare feet once with a race car track because we were crying after watching our mother nearly be killed right in front of us. 

My dad and step mom both worked minimum wage jobs but they made the best of it and we always had what we needed. As a child, of course, I wanted more. What I didn’t know then was my parents were where they were because of their own decisions. My dad was attending college to be an Artist. He was very talented unfortunately his mom got sick and passed away and he just let his dream die too. He was making minimum wage because he chose not to pursue his art degree and become an Art Teacher. 

I came across this video this morning and I couldn’t believe how much it related to what I want to say. This just goes to prove we get what we focus on. You will probably need a Facebook account to watch it. 

I know some will still have their own point of view and they have that right. Sadly those people will stay broke and probably bitter for the rest of their life unless they change how they think and respond to events. I worked as a merchandiser for two years making minimum wage. I even worked a second job but I was grateful and showed my gratitude every day. 

I now work part-time for a great company and full-time on my dream.

My experience from working that minimum wage job pathed the path for me to be where I am today. My dream is to be a testimony and inspire others help transform them into something amazing, something this world needs. 

You can’t be transformed if you are looking for handouts. You can’t get ahead if you sit back and expect the government to give you a minimum wage raise every time you can’t afford cleaning supplies. 

What do you want to be? Who do you want to be? What are you doing to get there? What steps have you taken? I don’t know about you but I worked hard to get where I am today. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. All those trials, rocky roads, and ditches I fell in made me who I am today.

This is my story. This is why I am against the minimum wage raise. Want to change your story? 

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