The Lesson I learned from my 6 Year Old Son

The Lesson I learned from my 6-Year-Old Son 

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The lesson I learned from my 6-year-old son is a lesson that forced me to look at our world differently. It was a lesson that taught me many things. I want to share the lesson I learned from 6 year old son with you in hopes it will force you to look at our world differently too.

There is so much hate, discrimination, and stereotyping in our world today it literally makes me cringe. As a mother of a bi-racial child and someone who is not prejudice I never really ever thought we would be discriminated against. That is until it happened. 


A couple weeks ago my son and I went to Cherokee Village, Arkansas to visit my brother and his family. I was also in high hopes I would find a job there. 

While we were there I took my son to the beach in the village. The one thing my brother failed to tell me was we could not use the beach unless we were a home owner or a visitor of a homeowner, which my brother is. However, he again failed to give me a visitors pass for the beach. 

Now I know we stood out like a sore thumb the second we pulled in because I for one had Illinois license plates. I felt the stares burning my skin the very second we stepped out the car. 

I am not exaggerating when I say every person, every eye, was focused on me and my son as we made our way down the parking lot and to the beach. 

Of course, my first thought was we were being discriminated against because of the color of my son’s skin. Now whether that is true or not I will never know. My brother swears even though it’s a nearly “all white” area we were being stared at because we were strangers and have never been seen there before and it was a private beach. 

The Lesson my Son taught me is something to Share

The lesson I learned from my 6-year son is a lesson that didn’t fall upon me and sink in until well this morning. I know how crazy that sounds but sometimes when we are too busy jumping to conclusions we overlook God’s beauty and what He is trying to tell us. 

I was scrolling through my newsfeed this morning on Facebook when I came across this video of a young man. You can see the video here.

After I watched the video the incident with my son popped in my head. 

Now I hope that you have watched the video or you will watch it when you are done here. 

Thinking back to the day at the beach when every eye was on us. My son was so excited to get in the water and play. He had not a worry in the world. He ran down to the water and jumped in. 

He immediately made friends with a little boy who was there with his family. Looking back this made me realize that it is up to us, white, black, Italian, Mexican, Indian, and so on to make people see us for who we really are. My son taught me that day even though it took nearly two weeks to sink in that he is DeShaun. He is not black or white he is a loving respectful kid that just wants to have fun and make new friends. 

Just like the kid in the video, it’s up to us to make a difference. It’s up to us show who we are and not what others may perceive us as. Just because my son is mixed does not mean I am a white girl who talks and acts slangish. I am me, I am Shauna, and I have an education, I am a Christian, and I always find the good in people. 

The lesson I learned from 6-year-old son is that I could have taken another approach that day and introduced myself. But I didn’t because I am shy, laid back, and I keep to myself. Instead, I chose to take what I felt was being given to us, discrimination. The lesson I learned from my 6-year-old son is many lessons, don’t judge, don’t assume, and most of all don’t let others decide who you are. 

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  1. great post Shauna kids are amazing and teach us such great lessons… thanks for sharing

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