The Immigration Ban and Why You should be Thankful

The Immigration Ban and Why You should be Thankful

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This post is based on my thoughts and feelings about the Immigration Ban and why you should be thankful. All day long all I see on my Facebook newsfeed is negativity, fighting, arguing, friends deleting friends and political views that well no one cares about to be quite frank. I have been pretty silent myself about my views and thoughts. So I decided to write this post about the Immigration Ban and why you should be thankful.

I feel that I have been very quiet with my views and thoughts about Donald Trump and his plans. I know this post may make many people angry and many people may not agree with me and that is okay. You absolutely have that right. That alone is what makes America great! However, we as America, have become so focused on what each individual thinks and feels that we have allowed disagreement and offenses to take over. 

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America has taken the Freedom of Speech right a bit too far. You may or may not like Trump. That is your right. I listen to all these views on the Immigration Ban and I can’t help but wonder why are so many people so angry about it? It just doesn’t make sense to me. 

I have noticed that a majority of the Anti-Trump views are coming from celebrities. Who better to have such an impact based on their own personal view? Many of these celebrities are very well known and carry a large percentage fan base. 

I don’t know maybe I am wrong but I feel like too many people in America are followers and not Leaders. Maybe that is what is wrong with America. 

It is a proven fact that only 5% will go after their dream and only 2% will actually succeed. This leaves 95% who just live life as it comes because they are too scared to make up their own mind. 95% of Americans work at a job they hate but refuse to do anything about it because they are too scared to go after that dream. 

So it makes perfect sense why so many people are against President Trump. I mean come on if you’re having personal issues with yourself because you gave up on a dream or goal why in the world would you want to listen to someone who is all about dreams, goals, and going after what you want? Especially someone in charge of the United States of America. I get it, I do! I used to be that person. 

What I don’t get is why so many people are against the Immigration Ban. Everyone is quick to change their Facebook profile picture to a Flag when tragedy strikes as terrorism but then they turn around and get angry about an Immigration Ban or worse; they support the burning and stomping of our Flag. 

Do you remember the Boston Marathon Bombing? What about 9/11? I can go on and on but then I wouldn’t reach my point which is

America, we said we would never forget the victims. We promised them we would never forget. What happened? 

If you are fighting the Immigration Ban then I hate to burst your bubble but you forgot about the victims of these horrible acts of terrorism. What happened America? What happened? Really, what happened? 

Something else I don’t understand is so many people get upset that refugees, as we call them come to America with no money and the Unites States gives them grants to start businesses. At least this is what I have heard (no hard facts). You complain that America helps non-citizens over citizens yet you are still complaining when something is finally being done about it! Really? 

Let me get this straight:

  • You get upset if foreigners come to our country and get assistance but you get upset because of the Immigration Ban? 
  • You change your Facebook picture when terrorism strikes but you are against the Immigration Ban? 
  • You accuse Christians of being hypocrites because we are for the Immigration Ban and use Bible verses to prove your point yet your not a believer…. that one really confuses me 

Umm, apparently this guy does not read the Bible because if did then he would know there is more to this along with the story of Egypt and everything that took place. 

I am just saying you should be thankful for this Immigration Ban. Yes, there are innocent women and children and even men being tortured and murdered in these countries. Yes, my heart goes out to them. However, it is not okay to put millions of our own people and children at risk because you want to save someone from another country that could potentially wreck havock on our ow people! 

When is the last time you donated to a charity? Gave a hot meal to a homeless person? Paid for someone’s groceries in line? What about fostered a child? Or something super simple like hold the door for someone or let them cut in line? 

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95% of Americans probably can’t even say yes to one of these. Yet they want to bring Immigrants to America after they complained and whined about how America supports them. Who is the hypocrite now? 

I say get over being angry about the Immigration Ban all your doing is killing yourself with anger over something you can’t even control. The Immigration Ban was put in force to help save us not hurt us. 

The Immigration Ban was put in place to help America weed out the terrorists. It was put in place to make America safe again. America is known for being the Land of the Free. Want to see how fast that can change? Then keep protesting the Immigration Ban. This is my thoughts on the immigration ban and why you should be thankful. 

Here is a video everyone should watch.


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