To Be Successful You Need The Heart Of Giving

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To be Successful You need the Heart of Giving

Have you ever heard, to be successful you need the heart of giving? What is the heart of giving? It’s when someone gives from the heart or gives more out of love. There is an old saying “give more to get more.” I personally believe this to be true and believe with all my heart the more give the more you get back. I do however believe that giving has to come from the heart. Do you have the heart of giving? 

Having the heart of giving doesn’t only serve others but it also benefits you. The heart of giving is mentioned in all spiritual beliefs and faith. The Bible speaks about giving throughout the Old and New Testament. Many Christians, like myself, believe that we should tithe 10% of our earnings. Did you know you can tithe in other ways too? You can.

You can give to charities, non-profits, your church, and any other foundation that is the work of God. Giving with the giving heart in tow is the best-known way to gain prosperity. Of course like I mentioned above I believe your heart needs to be true and not looking for a reward in return. 

Robert Allen, the author of Nothing Down and The One Minute Millionaire lost everything. He literally had nothing left. He had asked himself “I’ve had so much money in life. I’m supposed to be the guru who teaches people how to become rich. Where’s it all gone? I must have done something wrong.” Robert became a faithful tither and when he did new doors began to open up for him and new opportunities started flowing his way. 

He had debt that was insurmountable but he found a way to be grateful for what he had. Instead of focusing on what he didn’t have he focused on what he did have. I love what Robert teaches, he teaches that you don’t tithe to get something, you tithe because of what you already have. Now that is what the giving heart is all about. 

When you let go of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have. – Lynne Twist

When you let go of trying to get more of what you don't really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have. - Lynne TwistClick To Tweet

I didn’t always have The Heart of Giving

Nope, I used to be one the stingiest most selfish people you would have ever meet. I was so used to not having anything that when I did get a little bit of money I did everything to keep it. Even if it meant not paying a bill. I know how crazy that sounds but it is true. Let me tell you though when the heart of giving got ahold of me my life changed. 

I didn’t always tithe even though I have been a Christian all my life. It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I began to tithe. When I did I started out small. I tithed what I could and I did it with the heart of giving. Before I knew it my earnings had increased and I was giving more. 

By the end of the quarter when my church sent me a record of the tithes I had paid in I couldn’t believe my eyes. They had actually more than tripled which meant my income had gone up as well. It was pretty amazing. I even gave to my favorite charity. I had a case of the giving heart and I was loving every moment of it. 

My mom who is on a budget income would ask to borrow money. Even though I knew she would pay it back I would cringe when she asked. That was before I got ahold of the giving heart. Once I had the heart of giving I felt obligated to just hand her money at times. After all, she helped me so much with my son when I worked. I now appreciate her more than she will ever know.

It feels really good having the heart of giving when you give with love. It’s almost like it teaches you to be humble, love more,  and make a difference all at the same time. 

Money is not the only way to have The Heart of Giving

You can have the heart of giving and give so much without ever spending a dime. There is a lady in my church who fosters children. There is another lady in my church who adopted so many foster children she is no longer allowed to adopt; that’s a lot of love. My daughter has the heart of giving and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has been on several mission trips that served others through teaching and helping in different communities across the nation. She has even been to Jamacia twice. 

There are literally so many ways you can have the heart of giving it’s endless. You just have to get creative and do it with the intention of giving and not receiving. One of the ways I give is my knowledge. I love to read and share what I read with others. When I get a comment on my blog that says I inspired them it means the world to me because I know I have the heart of giving; I shared something of value by serving others through my teaching. 

Your entire world can change when you adopt the heart of giving. To serve others you need the heart of giving. To be successful you need the heart of giving.

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  1. I truly believe in this, beautiful article!

  2. I am with you on giving. Especially important is giving without ever expecting anything in return. When you think about it in a practical sense, it keeps you from keeping score which so many folks mistakenly do when they give.

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