The Faith of a Mustard Seed

The Faith of  a Mustard Seed 

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 Have you ever been told just have The Faith of a Mustard Seed? I have, in fact, its one of my many favorite verses, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20. Do you have The Faith of a Mustard Seed?


 The Faith of a Mustard Seed is Hysterical Strength


We hear of mothers who lifted cars off their children or people who jumped into a lake to save a drowning child but they themselves couldn’t swim, or strangers running into burning buildings and carrying victims to safety without dying from smoke inhalation them self. Finding strength you didn’t know you had such as extreme strength is called hysterical strength. Hysterical strength is a strength that is considered to be beyond normal and usually occurs during life threatening situations and causes an adrenaline rush.



Understanding The Mustard Seed Faith 

After mentioning how mothers lift cars off their children I said to my dad “they didn’t have time to stop and doubt them self. They just did it and believed because they had the desire to save their child.” That is when I had my “ah-ha” moment. Have you ever had an “ah-ha” moment? I seem to have them quite often lately. Understanding Faith has always been a battle of mine. The Bible says to have the faith of a child and it wasn’t until today that I finally understood that. All those people including the teenage girls all had the faith of a child. True it may have only been in those life-threatening situations but I’m sure you will agree they had it. They had something that’s for sure. Call it what you want, hysterical strength, an act of God, something paranormal, whatever you chose to call it it was still child-like faith, of which all of the above are.


 I started thinking about times when I asked God for something and I got it. I then thought about how I felt and what I was thinking. In those instances, I was believing it was going to happen like I already had it and I would forget about it until it happened. Then I thought about the times I didn’t get something I asked for; those were the times I was doubting and didn’t really believe and focused on why I wouldn’t get it. You know what? I didn’t get it. 

A year or so ago a young boy in my Awana group at church handed me a Mustard Seed and said: “Plant this in your back yard so you can grow a Mustard Seed Tree that way you will have all the seeds you need.” Made me think if I had to plant a tree to have more seeds than my faith wasn’t all that strong. 


 A child asks for a cookie and you tell them no, they walk away and come back and ask again, you tell them no, they walk away and come back again, you tell them no again, they walk away and come back again and you say yes. Ask the child why they kept coming back; because they knew you would give them a cookie. That is child like faith. That is The Faith of a Mustard Seed

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