The Carpenter by Jon Gordon – Review

The Carpenter by Jon Gordon – Review 

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The Carpenter by Jon Gordon is a must read for anyone who is looking that “overnight success.” The Carpenter is a book about a man that is facing issues in his business and becomes overwhelmed and stressed to the point he collapses while on a jog. This is my review of The Carpenter by Jon Gordon and why I think you should read it. 

I just want to say real quick that Jon Gordon has a way of taking fiction and turning it into a reality for many people reading his work. I have read several of Jon’s books but The Carpenter was my first. It is one of many books that helped me to see things differently. 

The Carpenter helped me to realize there is no such thing as overnight success. All the people in the world that we see as overnight successors are not over successors. It just happens that we perceived them to be that since we did not see all the hard work they had to do to get where they are. 

Here is a quote from the book “The world is filled with those who get things done the fastest and the cheapest, but it needs more artists, craftsmen, and craftswomen. When you become a craftsman in a world of carpenters, you will stand and people will clamor to work with you.” 

I love that! No matter what field you are in this book could be a game changer for you. Even if it doesn’t change the game you will finish the book with a new perspective on life and on your work. 

In Chapter 10 there is a story of an ancient tribe. The men in the tribe would 40 miles a day, yes 40 miles a day just to deliver messages to other tribes! All because they believed and knew they could. Now I won’t tell you anymore because I don’t want to ruin the book for you.

If you are looking to become a better person. Looking for success. Or maybe your just looking for a really good book to read; The Carpenter by Jon Gordon is a must! Leave a comment if you read the book or plan to.  

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