“That’s NOT very Christian like” – Stop putting Christians on a Pedestal

“That’s NOT very Christian like” – Stop putting Christians on a Pedestal

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“That’s Not very Christian like” is a saying I have heard at least twice in the past year; all I have to say in response isStop putting Christians on a pedestal.”



Of course this is something I as a Christian am guilty of as well. I don’t know maybe I thought it was different since I am a Christian but to be honest it is no difference than a non-believer or an Atheist putting Christians on a pedestal.



All my life I have looked at other Christians in the church and thought “They have nice things and drive nice cars and have beautiful homes. They must be doing something right. They must do NO wrong.” I know how that may sound but that was my thinking, that was how my brain worked. 


“That’s NOT very Christian Like”

Ugh how those words seem to sting “That’s NOT very Christian like. Sadly this is something I have been told at least twice in the past year. Both times were by family members who are not Christians. 

Both times I was told this was because I didn’t do something they expected me to do. Those words “That’s NOT very Christian like” stung me like a scorpion stinging a predator. 


Stop putting Christians on Pedestals 

“That’s NOT very Christian like” are words that I have never said but I have thought of another Christian and myself at times. It hurts to admit that but it is true. Every since I became aware of my thoughts I am now able to stop them and change them. 

I have stopped putting Christians on a pedestal because as a Christian I know how hard it is to walk a life with no sin. No one is perfect in-fact that is why Jesus died on the cross for us, for our sins. 

I stop putting Christians on a pedestal when I realized we all have bad days. I stop putting Christians on a pedestal because we are supposed to be like Jesus not be Jesus. If you didn’t catch what I just wrote read it again “to be like Jesus not to be Jesus.” 

When we go to church we see other Christians as sinless creatures that do no wrong. This is how non-believers see us that is until we slip up and cut someone off in traffic with that Jesus fish on our car. Or we make a promise and can’t keep it.


What about when we forget to put all our trust in God and we make a bad decision that the wrong person witnessed? I am a Christian but I am NOT in any way perfect nor have I ever said I was. 

My pastor is NOT perfect. My church family is NOT perfect. We all sin and come short of the glory of God just like anyone else. We all make mistakes and tell little white lies whether we mean to or not.

We all break promises that are sometimes out of our control. We all get busy with life and forget to read our Bible or even check in on a loved one. 

The words “That’s NOT very Christian like” are words that Satan uses against us. When I say this I am saying this to myself, fellow Christians, as well as the non-believers and even the Atheist who claim they don’t believe in anything, “Stop putting Christians on a Pedestal” we all make mistakes, pedestals are for statues, not Christians

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