Sometimes You Have To Take a Step Back and Breathe

Sometimes You Have To Take a Step Back and Breathe

Sometimes you have to take a step back and breathe if you know what I mean. I have been pretty quiet and haven’t written in a while. I’ve even been quiet on my Facebook Page. With everything that has happened in our country lately, my heart has been aching, between the mass shooting in Las Vegas and then the church shooting in Texas, just to name a couple. 

You would think by not watching the news you can escape the negativity in the world around us. Unfortunately, this is far from true. There is still social media and there is still the radio. You would almost have to go off the grid just to escape; this is something my husband and I have actually talked about. But that would be selfish and I wouldn’t be using my gifts God gave me. 

There is so much pain in our world today, so many opinions, and so much hate. Growing up I was always told never to say or use the word “hate” because it was a word that carried a lot of feeling and emotions in it. Looking at our world today I can’t help but wonder where all this hate came from. 

I have been so overwhelmed with emotions that I had to take a step back and breathe before I said or in my case wrote something I would later regret. As a Blogger, writing is an escape yet I had so many emotions that I couldn’t even find escape in my writing. It was that overwhelming. 

I Had To Take a Step Back and Breathe

I had to take a step back and breathe because I knew if I didn’t I could cause more hurt and hate. It was as if God was telling me ” not right now take a step back and breathe”. I did just that. It has been nearly two months since I last wrote a blog post. Geeze has it really been that long! 

During that two months, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I want more than ever to write another book this time about my life and my testimony. I learned that I want more than ever to share my testimony with single parents who are struggling. I also learned that I have a love for archery! 

Yep! You read that right! My hubby bought me a Bow and after the very first time, I shot it I was in love. I have gotten so good at it that we are going Turkey Hunting next Spring and Fall. I am really excited about that! The best part is my daughter even got into archery and my son too. 

Step Back, Breathe, and Find a Hobby

If your anything like me when something bothers you, you can’t help but think about it constantly. I’m not much of a worrier like I use to be but the devil sure knows my weaknesses and tends to slip thoughts into my mind from time to time. 

As a Christian, it is very important not to worry as worrying is a sin. It took me many many years to realize that and stop worrying all the time. Part of the problem was I had too much time to think about things. When I met my husband that all changed. 

We are constantly doing something. I tell everyone “I got married and inherited a bunch of hobbies”. Some I believe were already in me he just brought them out. I have always had a love for fishing as I was born and raised on the fish bank. My husband, however, introduced me to Bass fishing which is a whole nother fishing experience. 

We kayak, shoot Bows, planning our first hunting trip, and now I am on the lookout for another Bow so we can go Bowfishing this coming Spring. None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t taken a step back to breathe. 

What is going on your life or mind right now? What is weighing so heavy on you that it is just eating you from the inside out?

I guarantee it is something you probably have no control over. If it is I encourage you to make the decision right now to hand it over to God and let go. Find something to do when you find yourself thinking about it.

Take a step back and breathe. Find a hobby you will be amazed at what will excite you and make you feel alive. 

If it is something that you can control, then sit down and write out steps you can take to make it better. Don’t over think it just write them down as they come to you and then take action. Take a step back and breathe. 

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