Setting Goals for Today’s World

Setting Goals for Today’s World

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by Wrae Sanders

Many of us want to pack everything into every day. Time slips.
Sometimes we forget the things that we really want to get done. How do we
remember those things? How do we get more focused on setting goals for
ourselves and reaching them?

First of all, we have to focus on ourselves and what we want to
accomplish. This isn’t to say go all out and be selfish and take over the world,
but take the time to figure out what you want and how you can get there.
Simple, right?

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Step 1: A goal should be SPECIFIC. This means to have something in
mind. You can’t accomplish what you don’t nail down. Whether it’s losing 20
lbs, running a 5k, whatever it is, it needs to be concrete.

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Step 2: A goal should be MEASURABLE. How can you keep track of your
progress? How will you know that you have succeeded? Does this mean
keeping a food journal, recording your runs on an app? Does this mean getting

a workout buddy to keep yourself accountable? That’s up to you, but
something needs to be measured to make sure you’re reaching your goal.

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Step 3: Your goal should be ATTAINABLE. Make your goals something
that you can complete- don’t make it something that you know you may not be
able to complete.

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Step 4: Your goal should be REALISTIC. Don’t set yourself up for
frustration, failure or other bad feelings by setting a goal that you may not be
able to reach. Think this part out when you are considering a goal. Do you
have the resources- financial, emotional and/or physical- to reach this goal? If
not, can the goal be tweaked to where you are able to reach it without major
obstacles in your way?

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Step 5: The goal should be TIME-BASED. Take this step carefully,
because some goals take longer (or shorter) amounts of time to complete than
others. For example, don’t try to lose 50 lbs in a month, that’s not healthy. Try
losing it over 6 months or so, or as recommended by a doctor. But if your goal
is to try something that can be done quickly, don’t stretch it out too much
longer than the time you need, because that can cause you to become
complacent in your work and that may not end in the way you hope.

Goals can be attained if you have the mindset to do so and these tips
should set you on that path.

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