Respond Instead of Reacting

Respond Instead of Reacting 

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Do you respond instead of reacting? I know what your thinking; you are probably thinking “is there a difference?” Absolutely there is. In fact, this is where a majority of society has gotten so used to habit that reacting just comes naturally. 

To respond is to think about your actions before you take action in replying. When we react we are actually reacting inhabit. Do you have children? If you do, great, if you don’t just think of someone close to you, can be a parent, a friend, a co-worker, anyone you choose. 

I am going to use my kids as an example since I am guilty of this myself. My son, for example, has not been diagnosed with ADHD but the school believes something may be affecting his everyday tasks.     [ Click here to read more about that ]


Every morning without fail my son takes his time to get dressed and I find myself getting aggravated and yelling at him to hurry up until I eventually give in and dress him myself. It is every day tasks that he struggles with and knows how to do but has a hard time focusing. 

Out of habit, I tend to react instead of responding to him. I get so mad sometimes I say things or do things I later regret. (No I don’t abuse my kids in any way.)  Sadly I’ve always been the type of person that was angry at the world and got frustrated very easy. {After I wrote this blog I read a blog by a fellow blogger. Coincidentally or not she wrote about the same thing I wanted to share her blog because I love the examples she used. Click here to read it.} 

All though I am not the same person I once was I still sometimes act out of habit and I find myself reacting instead of responding. I think when we become aware of how different the two are and we make our self-aware of our actions is when we are able to change. Therefore the next time you are about to react of habit —– respond instead of reacting

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