Raising an Interracial Child

Raising an Interracial Child

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I am sure nearly everyone has heard about the chaos in Ferguson, Mo with all the looting and protests even murders that is a backfire from the community over the Officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.

First of all my heart and prayers goes out to the family. I could not imagine losing a child. My children are my everything. In fact, out of respect for the family, I will keep my thoughts and comments about the shooting and what’s taking place in Ferguson to myself. Instead, I want to talk about raising an interracial child and how the Ferguson case has had an impact on me. 


Just this morning I met with my son’s teacher and the school counselor. My son, who is interracial, has been having some issues at school and home when it comes to focusing. His teacher went on and on about how intelligent he is and how well he can read but he just can’t stay focused and gets distracted very easily. They asked if it was okay if they observe him and I do the same at home and if needed have him tested for ADHD. Now if the outcome is ADHD it’s not the end of the world I will deal with it and I will work with him in a positive way; no medicine my son will not be a zombie. I know your probably wondering what this all has to do with Ferguson and him being interracial

  Once I left the school this morning I immediately called my ex-husband and explained everything, I even told him our son went to school and told themmy dad held a gun to my head yes he told them that but I made it very clear that story was made up and they figured that out after he also told them I died 16 years ago and was shot 16 times. Talk about embarrassed. Instead of my ex-husband reacting in a calm manner instead, he reacted in a way that well ticked me off.  I felt like he was accusing me of not feeding our son nutritious foods and wasn’t disciplining him.   


I’m not kidding I was ticked off! As a Christian woman who fears God, there are two things that I deal with that are hard to control 1. Someone messing with or hurting my kids 2. Telling me how to raise my kids

 The first thing out of his mouth wasoh he just needs his butt (my choice of words not his) dug off into and he needs to eat more nutritious foods of which was said to me after I asked my ex to simply watch what he says, listens to, and watches when our son is around. I even stated that I was guilty of watching “The Walking Dead”, a guilty pleasure of mine when he was around and suggested I watch it when he is gone. That way we can get this new obsession he has with guns and violence taking care of asap. 

I’m the type of person I just don’t like drama and I do not like to argue. I will walk away and let it be, so I walked away from my phone. Low and behold I get a text saying The school district says that about all interracial children. He doesn’t belong in that school system. They are doing him wrong.Instantly Ferguson came to mind. Yes, I know Michael Brown was not interracial (he was African American) however this all started because it was a white cop that killed him. I know I said I would keep my thoughts and comments to myself and I apologize if I offend anyone but every day there are people, innocent people being killed by their own kind (as in the same race) but the second it involves a cop or someone of a different race it’s suddenly world news. I don’t get it. Most of all I refuse to allow my son to grow up with that same thinking.  We attract what we think.   

 Just because a child is interracial why do they have to automatically be black or even white? Stop and think about it… there is no such thing as a “white person” I, for example, have Indian in me (my great – great – great grandfather was an Indian Chief), I

also have Italian and probably even some Irish in me. It’s even believed there is some African American in our blood somewhere down the line. 

I keep hearing of mothers of interracial boys saying how they fear for their son’s life. Really? I’m sorry but I don’t fear for my son’s life. Why should I? I guarantee my son will not be out robbing stores, back talking to the police, or even smoking a blunt. 

 How I am choosing to Raise my Interracial Child

  • He will respect his elders and anyone else in his presence
  • He will obey the law even if he doesn’t agree with it
  • He will take full responsibility for his actions 
  • He will see himself as a beautiful child of God and not just another interracial child
  • He will believe in himself 
  • He will be raised to put God 1st 
  • He will be taught that the world is not always fair but he is to find the positive in every situation
  • He will be taught that all skin colors are beautiful and equal regardless what anyone says or thinks
  • He will be taught that no matter what title has been placed on him; interracial, mixed, child with ADHD, no matter what it is he will always be capable of achieving and becoming anything his little heart desires

 My son is interracial. My son is kind hearted, My son is respectful. My son is a story teller. My son is a little irritating at times. My son is smart. My son is a pest to his older sister at times. My son is helpful. My son is my son and I love him for everything he is no matter what.  This is my story on how I’m raising an interracial child

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