Our Actions Tell Us What We Really Believe

Our Actions Tell Us What We Really Believe

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“Our actions tell us what we really believe.” I don’t know about you but that was a punch in the gut for me when it comes to my faith along with many other areas of my life as well. What do you believe that your actions are saying otherwise? 

Before you read any further I want to be upfront that some of what I am about to share could offend you, make you upset, or even make you sad. I need you to understand that nothing I write, say, or share is ever intended to hurt anyone but rather to help you see things differently; to see things as they are. 

You Will Take Action If You Believe

A couple days ago I signed up for a Back To The Bible Challenge and today was my first day. One of the things that was said in the email was 

Our actions tell us what we really believe.Click To Tweet

I was kind of bothered to be honest. At least for a few seconds and then I quickly decided it was true and accepted the truth and moved on. See, by changing my mindset I am now able to recognize feelings and thoughts that could do extreme damage if I allow them to stay and ponder. 

By recognizing this truth for what it is I realized that yes I believe in God I put my faith in Him but am I really showing that through my actions? The answer was NO. My actions were showing otherwise and here I was left wondering why things were not working out as planned. It was simply because I had quit being consistent in God’s Word. 

A quick back story to show you how my actions affected my beliefs. Earlier this year I left my full-time job to work part time so that I could focus more on my Blog. Of course, I felt led by God to make such a big decision that could potentially affect my families well being financially. 

I was quickly blessed with a part time job that allowed me to work fewer hours but earn a full-time income. Three months later I found myself struggling with my Blog and couldn’t figure out why God wasn’t helping me as He had promised. I mean come on I did what he said. I left my job and was now working harder than ever on my Blog. 

Wrong! True I was working harder than ever but somehow during all the change my Bible time also changed and slowly disappeared altogether. My actions were telling me what I really believed. That I didn’t really trust God. If I did trust Him I would have stayed consistent in my Bible time showing Him that I believed. 

Now that I am aware of this I have committed to making time for God every day through Bible time and prayer. I truly believe in my heart things will begin to change, again. It is amazing to me how one action can have such a domino effect. 

You Act How You Believe

Are your prejudice? I ask this to everyone reading this post no matter what your race is.

How do you act when someone of the opposite race is around? Are you a white woman who clenches her purse tight when a black man walks near? 

Are you a white man that automatically assumes all black men are drug dealers?

Are you a black man that calls white men crackers or poke fun of them calling them names like pretty boy etc.?

Are you a black woman who has an attitude with a white woman for no reason?

Do you refer to Mexicans as Specs?

Or maybe you instantly assume all Chinese people are smart.

Or that all Indian people are terrorists.

How do you act when you are in the presence of other cultures? It is worth taking the moment to think about especially if you claim you are not prejudiced. 

Your actions will determine the answer. There is a difference between clenching your purse because of a gut feeling and clenching it because of someone’s skin color.


If You Believe Then Why Haven’t You Taken Action?

If you truly believe in something you will take action. If your business or job requires you to prospect are you taking action and prospecting? If you said no then you need to ask yourself “Is this the business for me?” Apparently, there is something you’re not believing in. 

What is a goal you have set recently?

  • Losing weight
  • Earning more money
  • Writing a book
  • Starting a new career

What action have you taken towards that goal? If you answered none it is because you don’t really believe it is achievable. Yes, you set the goal but if you have not taken any actions towards the goal then your non-actions are you what you really believe which is that you can’t do it. 

If you set a goal to lose weight and you truly believe you can do lose weight then you will take actions like eating better exercising more. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then you will take necessary actions like investing in yourself and continuing to learn. 

If you believe and agree with what I wrote in this post then I challenge you to share it.

Share it on Twitter. Share it on Facebook. Share it on Instagram or Pinterest. I don’t care where you share it or if you share it at all. Your actions will tell me what you really believe. 

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