Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks

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When opportunity knocks do you open the door? Why is it so many people search for something like more money, a new love, or even something supernatural but when the opportunity knocks they close the door? Do you close the door? 

It seems like every which way I turn nowadays people are opening the door when opportunity knocks, but they turn right around and close it; in some situations, they’ve been known to slam it. Why is that? What is it your scared of? 

Opportunity and what it Really Means

When I researched Opportunity this is what I found…. notice the words I highlighted. These are the words that jumped out at me and caught my attention. 

Opportunity Knocks Unlock the Door

In service this past Sunday morning when our Pastor did the regular opportunity call as I like to call it no one stepped out of the pews. In a church as big as ours there are always visitors. 

I have noticed new faces on several occasions and then suddenly I see them no more. Something my Pastor said really stuck with me. He said, “It’s hard to be a Christian because there’s a price to pay.” Made me think about my prospects and how they are interested in making money from home but as soon as they find out there is a price to pay they slam the door.

By any means am I comparing getting saved and starting a home based business. I am simply showing you how people react in all situations when there is a Price to be Paid. Really? If you were going to open a McDonald’s Franchise would you or would you not have to make an investment? 

The next time opportunity knocks are you going to answer? Are you going close the door and walk away waiting and praying another one comes along? What if you shut the door to whatever opportunity it may be and two days later maybe months later another opportunity never came and you were faced with something so catastrophic it seemed unbearable? What would you do? Think about that the next time opportunity knocks

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