How One Woman Used Her Penmanship To Create A Career She Loves

How One Woman Used Her Penmanship To Create A Career She Loves

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How One Woman Used Her Penmanship To Create A Career She Loves. That’s right a woman used her penmanship to create a career she loves. I know that probably sounds kind of ironic but it is true and I have a video to prove it. First I must ask, what skills do you have that are wasting away? 

I remember as a young child I used to think I had no talent. I couldn’t sing let alone carry a tune. I had and still don’t have any rhythm so dancing has always been out. The whole artistry thing well that went straight from dad to my daughter. Oh! Did I mention cooking? Ha, that’s a joke of its own! 

The one thing I loved to do that I thought I was good at was writing short stories. Now, I’m not talking about my penmanship nope I’m talking about writing a story or journaling. I’m not sure Blogs existed when I was a kid. Wow, that makes me sound ancient! I’m 37 (38 in October) but I only remember the internet becoming huge around 1999 – 2000. 

I think my daughter was 6 when I first heard the word Blog and someone was earning an income from it. That was 14 years ago. It was 14 years ago that I knew I wanted to have a Blog and use my skill to create a career I would forever love. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until December 2015 that I started my Blog. 

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I take that back I dabbled on Myspace, Blogger, and another platform I can’t remember the name of. My point is I could be a lot further than I am now if I would have just stuck with my passion and used my skill.

I hear of people getting laid off and all I can think is “now is your time”, now is your time to put your skills and passion to work! Now is your time to create that door! 

I received a comment on my post Fuel Your Success With Passion and Enthusiasm from a lady who said her passion was music/performing and she really wants to incorporate it back into her life. You know what I say to that? I say I love the quote:

If opportunity doesn’t knock then create a door

If opportunity doesn't knock then create a doorClick To Tweet

That is exactly what this lady did with her penmanship! You can watch the video >>>> here <<<<  (You will have to be logged into Facebook to watch it.) Trust me it’s worth the watch. Get creative! This is how businesses are born. This is how new ideas and new technology is introduced. 

I wouldn’t call it a skill but more of a hobby; I love to read. I can read 2 or 3 books a week. Now I used to read fiction books and don’t get me wrong I love some Stephen King and Dean Koontz, especially the Odd Thomas series. 

When I very first started my Blog I’m talking about my actual Blog – At Home With Shauna that I converted over to Shauna Coleman, I started out just blogging about anything and everything. That was my first mistake but that is another story. As much as I love to write I often found myself running out of stuff to write about. 

A few times I went online looking for content to make my own. That is when it hit me. I love to read, why not read books that I can share what I read and learned? It wasn’t until I switched over to that I made the change in content permanent. 

It was the best decision I ever made. I stayed consistent and worked hard on my Blog and I now do what I love (part-time). Of course, my goal is to go full-time. In fact, I quit my full-time job at Amazon and now only work part-time for Nestle which allows me more time to put my skills and passion to work doing what I love! It’s just a matter of time before I go full time helping others just like you get to where you want to be too! 


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