Leaders Are Made They Are Not Born

Leaders Are Made They Are Not Born

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Did you know leaders are made they are not born? It’s true! Leaders, as we know them (ourselves), were not born leaders. Too often in life people who would make great leaders give up all because someone told them they would never make it.

“You don’t have what it takes.” or “Who are you kidding? You will never accomplish that!” These are common reactions from people whom I call Dream Stealers.

Dream stealers steal your dreams. They discourage you and tear down any leadership you have within you. You’re probably wondering what leadership and dreams have to do with one another, huh?

If you set a goal, even if it is a small goal, you have to take leadership to reach that goal. You have to decide what you want. Then you have to make a plan. Then you have to make the decision to go after it! You see these are all qualities that Leaders have. They are doing the leading.

Same goes for a dream.  If you dream to become a doctor you will eventually have to find a way to pay for Med. School. Even if you come from a wealthy family you still will have to take on leadership skills because well doctors do the leading, right? Right.

If you have a dream to become a 6 Figure Blogger then you must take on leadership skills to hold yourself accountable for the actions you take to get you there. I know this from experience. I for one was not born a leader and I definitely did not come one overnight.

Leaders Don’t Always Feel Qualified

There are so many examples of leaders who didn’t feel qualified in the Bible. For example, take Gideon; Gideon said “I am the least in my family” yet he went on and accomplished may things such as winning the battle against Israel’s enemies and he even destroyed the BAAL idols his father and community had been worshiping.

What about Moses? Look at what Moses went through. When God called promised Moses and his family the promise land Moses responded with “Who am I, that I should go?” Jeremiah is another great example. When God called him he replied that he did not know how to speak. (Jer 1:6) They all became leaders. None of them were born a leader.

There is many more examples of people who have become great leaders. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Jack Canfield and many many more! Including Jesus. Yes, Jesus. Jesus was human just like me and you. He was tempted just like me and you. Yet He overcame those things and rose to be the greatest leader we have come to know.

You too can be a leader. Remember you weren’t born a leader, no one was. Leaders are made!

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