I am offended that …..

I am offended that ….. 

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I am offended that…. Okay is it just me or has “I am offended that” or “I’m offended by” is the new trend? I mean come on how much can someone possibly be offended by? What are you offended by? I am offended that so many people are offended. 

I am offended that…. people are offended by my beliefs in Jesus Christ. I am not offended by their belief or your belief so why should my belief that is not harming anyone offend someone? I don’t preach at people, I don’t scrutinize people for their sins (I am far from perfect myself), and I definitely don’t waive my Bible in anyone’s face.  

I am offended that…. people are offended because of my career choice. Really its my life. Just saying. By the way, I’ll get it right when the time is right. Unlike many I learn from my mistakes. 

I am offended that…. so many people are wasting their life away and living off the state and taking all hand outs they can get. It’s offensive to me that our state and government puts up with it. 

I am offended that…. there are innocent children and innocent people that are being killed by stray bullets because some uneducated and unemployed people have decided to take it upon themselves to get what they call justice. 

I am offended that…. everything has to be a race thing. Everything has to be based on the color of our skin. Last time I checked I did not live here on earth during slavery. What my ancestors did has absolutely nothing to do with who I am. I am offended that, that is an excuse to ridicule, kill, and hurt others. 

I am offended that…. so many people don’t like to hear Merry Christmas and everyone is supposed to say Happy Holidays. Well, again last time I checked this is a country that has freedom of speech. Do you realize when you petition things like this you are only taking our constitutional rights away? If you want to fly a Flag from another country in your front yard you should have that right just like I should have the right to fly my American Flag and/or Christian Flag. What did the flag do to you to make you so offensive

I am offended that…. people are offended if I read my Bible or Pray in Public. Am I hurting anyone? Cause if I am I apologize. I have come to the conclusion that if someone is offended by what I read or who I pray to then they must have some unresolved issues of their own to deal with. I am not offended by what others read so why let my reading material ruin your day? 

I am offended that…. this country is going downhill because everyone is too busy being offended by something. 

I am offended that…. everyone is so busy being offended they are wasting positive loving energy on unnecessary negative hateful energy that is destroying our world as we once knew it.  

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