How To Overcome Why With Why Not

How To Overcome Why With Why Not

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How to overcome why with why not when dream stealers steal your dreams and shoot down your goals and ideas. Have you ever had a random idea that excited you? Excited you so much you so much you just had to share it with someone?

If you are anything like me you have probably had many ideas that could have made you a lot of money or changed the world, or maybe just maybe it was a cure for some disease. Whatever it may have been it is no surprise to me if someone shot your dream or goal down with a simple (sarcastic) why(?).

I was at my daughter’s High School Graduation last night and the Validate Victorian gave a speech that inspired this post. He asked, “Why Not?” He spoke about Bill Gates along with others who were nobodies, geeks, and even poverty-stricken. He gave examples of how someone took a $100 and turned it into multi-millions.

I wish I would have recorded his speech because he kept asking his Graduating Class throughout the speech “Why Not You or Me?”

Why Not Me 

Why not me, this has been stuck in my head since that young man’s speech. If only he knew the impact he had with those words. If only one student keyed in on what he was saying then he already made difference.

As I was looking down at my daughter with tearful eyes full of joy I couldn’t help but wonder how many students would leave after the ceremony only to take a path chosen for them. How many of those students will actually set a goal, have a dream, and go after it?

I wonder how many of those students will remember how to overcome why with “why not, why not me?” Why not you?

What is it you want to do? What is it that has been on your heart to share with the world? What dream has a dream stealer stolen from you?

What goal have they shot down and laughed at you for? People laugh at me when I talk about where I will be a year from now. You know what I say? Why not? If no one else believes in you remember this, I do. I believe in you!

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