How To Get Rid Of Fear

How To Get Rid Of Fear

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How to get rid of fear. Do you have a fear that has held you captive? Captive from your reaching your goals achieving your dreams and living the life you want?

If you knew how to get rid of fear would you? So many people become comfortable with their fears that they just become a natural part of them.

What are your fears? Is it work related? Relationship? Family? What is it?

Mine was prospecting new sponsors in my home-based business. I knew it was a must to my success however, I would make excuses.

Another fear I had was sharing the Gospel. As a Christian sharing, the Gospel is like the golden rule. It felt a lot like prospecting people. I always felt like I was bothering others and I did not like that feeling.

Getting Rid Of The Fear

There are a couple ways you can eliminate fear. You can for one ask yourself what is it that you are scared of? Once you know what it is, replace that feeling or image with the positive opposite.

Think of a time you were faced with something terrifying. How did you get through it?

Did you ever dive from a diving board? How did you feel? How did you overcome it?

I remember when I sold insurance for a living. I had to go into businesses and ask for the owner. I bet I drove past my first prospects business 50 x’s imagining the absolute worse. 3 hours later, I got tired of driving, told myself I was going in there and everything would be fine.

Took me 3 hours but the moment I decided fear was not going to conquer me I opened my 1st account and made over $600 bucks (minus the gas I wasted driving back and forth).

So…. what is controlling your life?

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