How to Find Your Happiness by Answering Two Questions

How to Find Your Happiness by Answering Two Questions

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How to Find Your Happiness by Answering Two Questions. Wait, can you really find your happiness by answering two questions? Have you ever heard the key to happiness is doing what you love? The truth is, doing what you love plays a huge part in your happiness; I learned this the hard way. Keep reading to find out how to find your happiness by answering two questions

For many years I changed my mind about my career path and what I wanted to do with my life. I was lost when it came to my calling and I was confused about what I wanted to do with myself. A part of me looks back from time to time and I begin to beat myself up mentally over all the time I wasted chasing dreams that weren’t even mine. Being in the state of mind I am I am able to now stop myself from allowing my thoughts to go there. 

Instead of focusing on where I went wrong I now focus on where I am going. I answered these same exact two questions that I am about to ask you not very long ago. Even though I was already doing what I love, Blogging to Inspire and Encourage others, I wasn’t really taking it as seriously as I should have been. 

I say I wasn’t taking it seriously because my goal, my dream, my calling, was to go full time with my Blog. Instead, I would write a post or two, promote them, then I would slack off. I wanted it and I wanted it bad I just wasn’t there yet, if you know what I mean.

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It took me answering two questions to help me realize I was throwing something amazing right out the window. So, are you ready to learn how to find your happiness by answering two questions? Here they are: 

  1. What one thing would you do if you knew for a fact you could not fail? (Imagine you have all the resources, money, contacts, etc. that you would need. What would your one big goal be if you knew you would not fail?) 
  2. If you had six months left to live what would you do? (Who would you spend your time with? What would you spend your time doing? What one or two things would you do in this six months?) 

For myself, question one was to become a Six-Figure Blogger who inspires and encourages others while sharing the gospel. Even though I knew writing was my passion there was more to it. I didn’t realize until I answered this question just how much I love to inspire and encourage others to find their calling. I am all about going after your dream! 

Something I realized when I answered this question was “It’s not about the money.” This is something I struggled with for a long time. I was so busy focusing on money I was actually blocking it. Truth be told money can not make you happy, it just can’t. As a Christian, I believe God wants us to succeed and have nice things. The part everyone seems to miss is God helps those who help themselves. 

This is when it dawned on me that the real reason I wanted to be a Six-Figure Blogger was because of what I can do with the money, such as donating $500 a month to Kafso Charity which is dear to my heart and giving back to my church who took me and my children in and helped us when no one else would. These are my “WHY’s” which is another topic. 

When I answered question two my answer was this: 

I would spend more time with God. I would get as close to Jesus as I could. I would go fishing every chance I got and I would change the world one dream at a time. 

This made me think. Why can’t I live that life now? What is stopping me? 

I was stopping me. It was a slap in the face, and a hard one at that when I realized every single resource I needed was right in front of me. I had already purchased a blogging course. I already had a blog. I just needed to take action, make a plan, and stay consistent! That was it.      

As far as the second question… turns out God was waiting on me, He had been there the entire time; Jesus too. Oh! Did I mention I am changing the world one dream at a time? It’s true, I am! Every time I inspire someone to go after their dream it’s one more change this world has. 

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