Examples Of How Powerful Positive Thinking Is

Examples Of How Powerful Positive Thinking Is

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Is thinking Positive really all that Powerful? Can thinking Positive really better you and your life? Why don’t we look at some examples of people who used the Power of Positive Thinking. Here are some examples of how Powerful Positive Thinking is

Does this guy look familiar? He should because that’s Andrew Zimmern the host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. He is famous for traveling around the world and eating bizarre foods. I’m talking things so weird things like when he was in Ecuador some children offered him their worms. Worms! Can you imagine worms being an everyday part of your food source? I have heard they are full of protein.  If you have seen the show then there is no need for me to say anymore. 

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 Andrew seems like a great guy, right? I mean he seems very likable, would have to be to host is own show and travel to all those different places around the world meeting different people from different cultures. Did you know Andrew used to be homeless? Did you know he used to be a druggie? Or that he would steal purses on Madison Avenue to support his habit? He slept in an abandoned building at night and actually sprinkled comet around the pile of dirty clothes he slept on to keep the rats and roaches away. Now I’m not saying positive thinking alone got him to where he is today but it had a lot to do with it. 


Now let’s take a look at Tyler Perry. Did you know he was molested as a child? Attempted suicide? Was homeless living in his car? I could go on and on but I  would rather focus on these people’s accomplishments. True everybody has a different story. Tyler Perry persevered and may have had a different “ah ha” moment that Zimmern but at some point, he had one and stopped at nothing until he got what he wanted most. Now if you ask me, Positive Thinking played a huge a role in his success. 

There are so many people of who I can use as examples like Jim Carrey who was a struggling comedian/actor but I would rather use someone I look up to and admire in so many ways. Even though he is dead and has been gone for 44 years and was gone for 9 years before my birth he has had a huge impact on my life through his teachings. Napoleon Hill author of many great books like Think and Grow Rich, Outwitting the Devil, and Success Through Positive Mental Attitude to just to name a few of my favorites has had a huge impact on millions of people and his Think and Grow Rich book alone has remained one the most demanded books in the world since it was 1st published. 

 Born into poverty Napoleon Hill thrived for more. In fact, he started his career at the age of 13 writing for a small town as a mountain reporter. He dedicated 25 years of his life to define how people could achieve true happiness whether it was financially or something else. Many people may think Napoleon led a full and happy life full of money and love. In his book Outwitting the Devil where he claims to have had a conversation with the Devil, he talks about many of his faults and failures and hardships. I read in Three Feet from Gold by Sharon L Lechter and Greg S Reid that Napoleon would write letters to his wife, while out gathering information and interviewing people for his Think and Grow Rich manuscript, about how lonely he would be and how hard it was at times to continue. Again the Power of Positive Thinking surely helped him reach his goal of dedicating 25 years of his life to such a challenge. There are many more examples of how Powerful Positive Thinking is but I am sure you get the idea. 

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