Everyone Has A Purpose

Everyone Has A Purpose

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Everyone has a purpose; no matter who you are, what you have done, been through, or even believe, you have a purpose. I of-course have always believed this, however, I don’t think it really sunk in until my daughters Prom Dress needed to be altered.

Being a Blogger and Network Marketer is something I love and I am passionate about. Blogging allows me to live my passion and make money doing it. Blogging allows me to help people just like you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Blogging is an escape for me. It’s like the world around me disappears little by little as I write each word. Blogging is my passion it’s my purpose. It is my purpose to encourage, inspire, and help others believe in themselves.

Again I don’t think this all really sunk in until we visited a lady named Barb. Alterations by Barb to be exact.

My daughter, who is a Senior in High School, just happened to try on her Prom Dress the day before the Big Day only to find out it didn’t fit! It was too long, even with the slip my friend bought her, and the top just didn’t seem to fit snug as it did at the store (of course she tried on a special bra from the store so that made a bit of a difference).

Not wanting to waste any more time I immediately took her and the dress to Alterations by Barb in our home town. While I was waiting for my daughter to try on her dress to be fitted there was another lady there trying on a Wedding Dress that Barb had just added some lace too. The dress, by the way, was drop dead gorgeous!

My daughter walked out and within minutes Barb had the bottom pinned up and the top tucked in. Standing there watching her work made me think about the different things people do for a living. It made me think about how everyone has a purpose.

I have a purpose, which is blogging to encourage, inspire, and help readers just like you.

Barb has a purpose which is to help fix peoples clothes like my daughters Prom Dress that she was absolutely in love with. What about the Bride? If it weren’t for Alterations by Barb that Bride may have never had the lace added to her dress that made it “The Dress” that would help play a big part on her Big Day.

I too often hear people say “Well, if its so easy and you make a lot of money why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Well….. it’s not for everyone because everyone has their own purpose in life.

If everyone was a Blogger then who would serve our food at our favorite restaurant?

If everyone was a Police Officer then who would put the fires out?

What if everyone was a Celebrity who would stitch up our wounds, Barb the Alterations lady?

Everyone has a purpose so what is yours?

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2 Replies to “Everyone Has A Purpose”

  1. Shauna, strange how the everyday situations can speak to us. I also believe God was speaking to you and showing you again the purpose of what you are doing. I love the post, your posts are always thought provoking!

  2. True words. Unfortunately too many just settle for what they have and do not seek their purpose, I was living proof of that for many years. Thanks for sharing your story Shauna, good stuff

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