A Little Encouragement can have a Big Impact

A Little Encouragement can have a Big Impact

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 Did you know just a little encouragement can have a big impact? It can and usually is so big it may sometimes blow you away. It is truly amazing to me how just a little encouragement can have a big impact

Think about it, when we first learned to walk someone, probably mom and dad, were right there encouraging us to get back up. What about when we learned to ride a bike? Someone, again probably mom or dad, maybe both, was right there encouraging us to keep peddling! 

No Encouragement will also have a Big Impact

Have you ever decided you wanted to do something like maybe go back to school, or learn a new trade, maybe start a blog, or even become a network marketer?

Was you so excited about it that you shared your dream, your vision, with someone and instantly it was shot down? I have. I have been there too many times. 

I have noticed that too many people give up on their dreams and visions because someone, just one person shot it down. What happens is you become bitter from no encouragement, no support, that you begin to shoot others’ visions down without even realizing it.

Words of Encouragement to Ourselves are just as Important 

It is one thing for someone else to believe in you and encourage you but it’s a whole another ball game if you don’t believe in you and if you don’t encourage yourself. 

Last year my son was a kinder-gardener. If you have children in Elementary School then you probably know about the Daily Color Behavior. 

Last year my son would come home with either Green, which means a good day, or he would come home with a Yellow, which meant he had received a warning of some kind. 

Of-course I took things away when he got Yellow and I praised him when he got Green even though I knew in my heart he could get a Pink or even a Purple of which were the top two Daily Colors. 

Every morning when I dropped him off I would say “Get Pink today!” and he would respond with “I’ll try.” I would instantly correct him with encouraging words and say “No, instead of saying I can or I will.”

I never gave up. I continued to encourage him every day. Even during the summer, I would find ways to encourage him maybe at church or somewhere else. This year he is a 1st grader and I am so happy to share with you that my son has made it two straight weeks with the color Pink

He returned to school in mid-August and has only come home with two Yellows and I think two Greens which is a huge difference compared to last year. 

All that encouragement has paid off. It paid off because I encouraged him and I encouraged him to encourage himself! Whatever it may be you are struggling with, just know that I believe in you! You can do it! But you must first believe you can and tell yourself you can. A little encouragement can have a big impact

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