Distracted By Your Own Thoughts

Distracted By Your Own Thoughts 

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Have you ever been distracted by your own thoughts? I have and I’m telling you it can be damaging. Damaging in a way that could potentially kill dreams and ambition. Are you distracted by your own thoughts

So many dreams and ambition is killed every day because people are too busy being distracted by their own thoughts. This sometimes happens because someone else’s opinion had an impact on your thoughts

For example, say you had this dream to do something big like go to college and become a chef and open your own five-star restaurant and someone says “Do you know how much it cost to open a restaurant?” or “Have you done your research on the restaurant fail in America?” These are just a couple opinions that could have a damaging impact on someone who wants to open a restaurant. 

One of my favorite books by Napoleon Hill is Think and Grow Rich. I have read the book 4 x’s and continue to read it often. I was skimming through my highlights in the book the other day and the part about thinking for yourself caught my attention. 

It’s actually funny how it all took place; literally the next day my thoughts about something I have been planning for some time and have been extremely excited about, was nearly damaged by some one else’s opinion. 

Because I read often and when I have my mind and heart set on something it’s hard to change my mind and the opinions had no impact on me. However other peoples opinions have done damage in my life in the past. Not this time. 

It’s your mind, your brain, use it! The Bible talks a lot about our thoughts and our mind. The mind is a powerful thing. It can be powerful in a good way and in a bad way.

We can make dreams come true with our thoughts or we can destroy them with others thoughts and opinions. So I ask again are you distracted by your own thoughts

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