Should Christians Be Offended By The Cross?

Should Christians Be Offended By The Cross?

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If anything I write or say offends you in any way then I politely ask that you quit reading, listening, or watching my content immediately. Everything that I write, say, or share is simply meant to inspire others to live a better life, change their mindset, and maximize goals never thought possible. 

It seems in this day and time everyone is offended by something. People are offended because a bakery refuses to bake a cake for them or someone is offended because of something someone said. Literally, the list just goes on and on. So, with all this offending going on should Christians be offended by the cross? 

As I write this there is a protest going on in St. Louis, Mo about 25 minutes from where I live in the small town of Godfrey, Illinois. The protest is over a cop who has been found not guilty on charges of murdering an African American man.

In August of 2014 riots broke out in Ferguson, Mo because of related incidents involving a police officer. Not to mention the many protests over the Confederate Flag and now a Statue.

Now, I have to be honest I do not watch the news because of these very incidents. They are just too negative for me and I don’t care to go about my day allowing some protester to ruin it. 

I know you are probably thinking who am I to write a blog post about the topic if I don’t watch the news or even want to hear about it. Well, I am someone who wants to change the world and that alone gives me the authority to write this, plus it’s my Blog. 

So, what does this have to do to with Christians being offended by the Cross? Hold tight I am about to get to that. 

Offended By a Cotton Centerpiece 

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed last night when something a friend shared caught my eye.

African-American Students Offended by Cotton Centerpiece

I won’t go into detail but you can read the story hereA short version of the story is that the president of Lipscomb University invited some students to his home for a dinner party. There happened to be a centerpiece of sticks with cotton in a vase. 

One of the students snapped a picture and took to Instagram to vent about how offended they were not only by the centerpiece but also by the food being served. Which consisted of collard greens and cornbread and macaroni and cheese. 

Can I just say that I know a lot of people who like these foods and eat them quite often. My husband for one loves cornbread and my stepdaughter well she will devour some mac and cheese. I even have family that eats collard greens like they are going out of style. Last time I checked that is how southern people eat. 

Oh! I almost forgot they were also offended because the president and his wife talked about themselves and how they met and got to where they are today. Umm, last time I went to a dinner party the hosts talked about how they met and so didn’t me and my husband as well, just saying. 

The thing that bothers me most is how offended African Americans get over things like a cotton centerpiece. How can something that has never done anything to you offend you so bad? Then there is the question as to why does it offend you? 

I hear time and time again that African Americans are offended because of the slavery forced on their ancestors. Please note that I was once married to a black man and we share a child and anything I say is referred from conversations I had with him or close friends and family. 

This brings me to the question if African Americans are offended by a cotton centerpiece or a homecooked meal then why aren’t they (talking about the Christians) offended by the Cross? Should Christians all over the world, including myself,  be offended by the Cross? I mean come on I am really confused about this. 

If African Americans are so offended by a piece of cotton because their ancestors picked cotton then why aren’t Christians in general offended by the Cross? After all, Jesus went through a lot more pain and suffering than the slaves did.

In fact, Jesus died for us. He died because He loves us so much. Yet we wear a Cross on a necklace as a token of gratitude for what he did. No offense taken to how He was treated by the Roman soldiers.

Oh, wait! That’s right, the Romans in today’s world are not the same Romans that tortured Jesus because they died thousands of years ago. Then again maybe we should blame the Roman police. Sorry I tend to rant. 

I look at a piece of cotton and it makes me grateful for the many people like Harriet Tugman who risked her own life so that people could live as one. Do you really think Martin Luther King Jr. would post a picture of a cotton centerpiece to social media because he felt offended? I don’t believe so. Neither do I believe these great people would stand for riots that lead to looting and people being injured and killed. 

The difference between those people and the offended today is that they took a stand in the right way. They didn’t blame everyone around them and automatically claim that all people with the opposite skin color were out to get them. 

There are bad cops and there are good cops. There are bad teachers and there are good teachers. There are bad people and there are good people. 

My ancestors, the Indians had their land intruded and was also treated very badly. Am I offended by that? No. It is history and learning history helps us to move forward not backward. 

If we take away history like the statues then history will repeat itself. 

“If there were ever such a thing as a unique opinion, history would probably be less inclined to repeat itself.” ― Gavin MillsClick To Tweet

This brings me back to my question:

Should Christians Be Offended By The Cross? Click To Tweet

Being Offended By Everything Is A Choice

The cross is nothing more than a symbol. It did nothing to us or for us. It was two pieces of wood that were placed together to hold our Savior after He had experienced the worst beating in history. A beating so bad each lash ripped the skin from His back leaving his tissue and bone exposed. 

I could go on about the 7-inch stakes that were driven into His wrist and feet or how hard it was for Jesus to take a full breath but it’s history and it may offend someone and we will then have to ban the Cross. 

All I am saying is stop allowing things like a cotton centerpiece or simply someone’s opinion to offend you. I don’t get offended when someone doesn’t believe in God. I don’t get offended when I see teams using names like Indians or symbols of Indian Chiefs (my great great great grandfather was an Indian Chief). 

Does it bother me? No. It actually makes me feel good that they would use an Indian Chief as their symbol. Just as those students should have looked at that cotton centerpiece the same way. You don’t use things and eat things you don’t like. What is the difference between a cotton centerpiece and a cotton shirt? 

The offense came into play because someone went into their head and thought it up. How can you be so upset about a time you didn’t even live in? You are wasting your precious life away by choosing to be angry about something you can not change. 

Yes, there are people who are racist and there always will be. But that works all ways. There are African Americans who racist too, and Mexicans, Chinese, and so on. Stop putting everyone into one circle and stop allowing every little thing to offend you. 

Grow up and if you don’t like something do something to change it to make this world a better place for all. Not by protesting but by being an example of what you want. It all starts with your mindset. 

 If you are going to be offended by a cotton centerpiece and you’re a Christian then why aren’t you offended by the Cross as well? 

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