Being a Christian Parent is Sometimes Harder than You Know

Being a Christian Parent is Sometimes Harder than You Know

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Being a Christian Parent is Sometimes Harder than You Know, I especially found this to be true today (Jan. 26, 2017). It was a normal day. I got my son off to school, I ran some errands and even managed to have a breakfast date with my 19-year old daughter. I came home and did some work on my Blog and then I went to pick my son up from the bus stop as I do every day. This is when I realized being a Christian Parent is sometimes harder than you know.

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As Christians, we teach our children to do unto others as you want done unto you.I personally take this to heart. I do my absolute best to treat others how I would want to be treated. I have learned to adapt this to every inch of my life. Even something simple as saying “Thank You.” 

Unfortunately, I am human. and well I do have feelings and sometimes those feelings are vengeful and sometimes full of hatred. Now as a growing Christian I am able to quickly become aware of these sinful feelings and in many cases, I can change how I feel. 

Today I especially found it hard to be a Christian, a Christian Parent at that. When my son got off the bus he came running as he always does. He jumped in the car as if nothing had happened. 

I asked him how his day was as I always do and he said it was fine. I noticed a good size red mark on the side of his face and instantly thought to myself he must have been leaning against the window. My mother’s instinct kicked in and I asked him what happened. 

“Oh! Derek hit me!” He said. 

Wow! Wait a minute! Before I was even conscious of what I was doing I was chasing the bus down in my car. All the while getting the details from my 7-year old son. 

“He didn’t hit me…. he slapped me.” He said as I raced after the bus. 

What gave this kid the right to slap my son? I had so many emotions I couldn’t tell which ones were true and which ones were just plain anger and hatred against this……. this child who disrespected my son for absolutely no reason. 

Somehow in the midst of chasing the bus down I lost the bus and somehow arrived right in front of the home where this child resided. When I heard my son say “There he is!” My heart sank and I slammed on the brakes. 

Now I know for a fact it was the Christian beliefs I abide by that stopped me from getting out of my car. You don’t know how hard it was being a Christian Parent in that very moment. Not only did I have to be a role model for my son and handle the situation in an adult way but I also had to be the Christian I say I am. 

All the way back home my mind was racing. 

How do I explain to him it is not okay to hit others but yet he is being hit?

Do I tell him to protect himself or just let other use him as a punching bag?

When is it okay to say enough is enough?

I was so confused. 

Every time I looked at him my stomach knotted up. That little boy slapped him so hard the red mark on his face was beginning to take a permanent home. 

I just kept thinking its so hard being a Christian Parent. After I calmed down and talked to my son about the difference between defending himself and not, I called the principle. 

The principle, of course, said he would take care of it first thing in the morning. I then told my fiance’ what happened and then I proceeded to tell my son’s father. 

Not thinking I slipped and told my ex-husband where the kid lived and he went to his house. Great now this kid is going to jump my son for sure! 

Ugh! Here we go again. How am I supposed to handle this? I’m going to handle it by continuing to teach my son the difference between right and wrong. The difference between good and evil. 

I am going to continue to teach my son how to defend himself through kindness and forgiveness. Because that is the Christian thing to do. Yes, being a Christian Parent is sometimes harder than you know, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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