If You Change Your Story You Will Change Your Life

If You Change Your Story You Will Change Your Life

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Are you ready to change your life because if you change your story you will change your life? Did you know something as simple as a change in your story can change your life? It’s actually kind of exciting but also kind of scary. For those of you reading this, that knows what I mean when I say change your story change your life you know what I am saying. For those of you who do not know what this means it means to change where you are right now in life. So, if you change your story you will change your life; are you ready to change your life? 

To change your life you first have to change your story. Well, how do you change your story? What story do you change? Your story is what you tell yourself and the world. For example, my story used to be that I was struggling because I was a single mom. I mean come on if you are a single parent then you know hard it is to survive in this world, right? If you answered yes then you have got to change your story. No worries because I am going to help you. 

So, here I was with two kids all by my lonesome with no job and no money. I had just lost everything even my cell phone. You know it’s bad when you lose your cell phone. That seems to be the one thing everyone can afford. Well, I lost mine it got turned off. All within a month I lost my job, house, car, furniture, and my cell phone. 

My story at that time was that the world was against me. I was never going to amount to anything, no good man would ever want me because I was ruined. I was flat broke and I felt defeated. I couldn’t find a job even though I had a Bachelor’s Degree and no one would hire me because I wasn’t good enough. Besides I already tried to get a good job, I did everything I could. At least that is what I told myself. 

How I Changed My Story

Once I decided it was time to change my life I went to work on changing my story. I knew the first thing I had to do was find a job. That would be the first step. But wait, I already did everything I could to find a job, right? No. You see I would send some resumes out go on interviews and then get discouraged after about 3, quit for a couple of weeks, and cry because I couldn’t find a job. 

That was my first mistake, I quit too often too soon. Instead of just submitting one more resume I would quit, end of story. I was so focused on where I was I had forgotten where I was going. But that day, the day I made the decision, did you catch that? The day I made the decision is the day my story changed. I decided enough was enough. 

It wasn’t long after I made that decision that I found a job. A job I actually liked. At one point I even worked 3 part-time jobs but it was to help me get to where I wanted to be. I now work part-time for a great company and part-time on my dream! It is pretty amazing if I say so myself. Sometimes I look back and instead of beating myself up I smile because who I was then, molded me into the person I am today. 

One of the biggest ways I changed my story was by changing the way I thought. Do you ever get upset and feel defeated? Do you ask questions like “Why me?” or say things like “If it isn’t one thing it’s another”? Yep, I did too, unfortunately, but then I came across a book called The Secret Code of Success by Noah ST. John and I put the techniques he wrote about in the book to the test. 

I changed my story and you can change your story by simply changing the way you think and the way you talk to yourself. Instead of asking questions like “why me?” ask positive questions. Not only did I start asking positive questions like “Why did I find the perfect job?” or “Why am I so successful with my Blog?” but I also started asking questions like “Why does my future husband love me for me?” and “Why does my future husband adore me so much?” 

I asked questions in a positive way that focused on what I wanted and where I was going. Maybe you or someone you know is in a bad relationship. Do you find yourself or them focusing and talking about all the bad things that person did and the things you or they hated and despised about that person? Have you noticed that more of what you despised most has come back into your life? You get what you focus on. 

You can not change your story if you are talking negative and focusing on what you despise most. You have to focus on what you want and only talk positive and think positive about those things. You also have to be grateful for the things you have already. Focusing on things you don’t have will only sidetrack you and cause you to stumble off into a ditch. 

By focusing on the husband I wanted I manifested him into my life. He is everything I ever wanted in a husband. He believes in me, makes me want to be a better person, inspires and encourages me when I need it most, and he loves me just the way I am. We have so much fun when we are together and miss each other like crazy when we are apart. 

We met in September of last year and was married June 30th of this year (2017). He truly is an amazing man, father, and now husband. You know when I first met him he told me he would never marry again yet here we are. We went furniture shopping today and I couldn’t help but notice we liked the same things. We actually agreed on the same couch the same mattress and bed frame. I would be lying if I said I was not blown away because I was. This stuff still amazes me the way it works. 

By changing my story I changed my life! By changing my life I am making small changes in the world. I am no longer that struggling broke single mom who relied on the state to feed my kids. I am now a successful Inspirational Blogger and Coach who loves to inspire and encourage others. I am a Godly wife and mother of not 2 kids but now 3.  Are you ready to change your life? If You Change Your Story You Will Change Your Life. Check out my new course

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  1. This is such life changing advice! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Have you read Mindset by Carol Dweck? It’s all about growth vs. fixed mindset in psychology. I think you would like it, based off this post.

  3. shaunacoleman79 says:

    I will check it out! Thanks!

  4. very inspiring story.. enjoyed reading it !!

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