How to Change the Outcome by Responding and Not Reacting

How to Change the Outcome by Responding and Not Reacting

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How to Change the Outcome by Responding and Not Reacting. First, let me ask you, do you know the difference between responding and reacting? Responding to something is when you take the time to decide how you feel about the situation or event. Reacting is a habit. It’s your feelings on autopilot basically. Something goes wrong you automatically find someone or something to blame.

I love Jack Canfield’s view on this. He uses the E + R = O scenario which means Event + Response = Outcome. I have to tell you this simple equation works wonders and will change your life. However, you have to make the decision to start responding and stop reacting.

A great example of this is me. I like to use myself as an example mostly because it’s personal and I have come so far. Just last week my car started leaking coolant. Now, do you think I responded or reacted? Do you think the outcome was something expensive or something simple?

Well, to be honest, it could have gone either way. I believe however my response to the event determined my outcome. So my car was leaking coolant. I went to a shop the guy says my fan wasn’t working and to take it to this other shop and to prepare myself because it wasn’t going to be cheap.

Now, mind you the old me would have started crying right then and there! Instead of reacting I chose to respond.

I responded with a laugh and said: “It is what it is no reason to get upset over something I can’t change.” I could tell he was knocked off his rocker with my response.

So I take my car to this other place they want to charge me all this money just to diagnose it. I instead decided to call my brother who happens to have a buddy who is a mechanic.

Long story short it turns out the heater core in my car was going bad. Okay, that’s good news I thought because the piece was like $60. Now having it put in was another story.

My brother’s friend didn’t have the room in his garage and every place I called wanted $700 because they would have to take the dash out. Again I responded to their high prices with a simple laugh and thank you.

So I started thinking, wait a minute, I’m gonna YouTube how to change a heater core and posted it on Facebook what I was doing. My brother n law who also works on cars replied that I could bypass it. Wait, what? Can I bypass it?

So again I YouTubed how to bypass a heater core and what the effects would be. Turns out you just have to snip a couple hoses, reroute them with some clamps and wa la! Oh yeah, and you would no longer have heat. No heat! No worries. Turns out I am moving to the Sunshine State of Florida at the end of this month! Who needs heat in Florida!?!

Are you understanding the power of how you change the outcome by responding and not reacting? By staying calm and believing there was another way everything worked out. A $700 job turned into a $20 job. Are you responding or are you reacting?

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13 Replies to “How to Change the Outcome by Responding and Not Reacting”

  1. Great post Shaun, glad it all worked out for you, $20 is definitely a lot better than $700. It just goes to show how choosing how to respond can pay dividends.. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Awesome content shauna.. Life would be different if we just respond rather react!!

  3. Yes we must always be proactive versus reactive!

  4. great post, thanks for sharing

  5. Great post Shauna… you nailed … we should be responding not reacting in everything we do… great advice for people who really want to build long lasting relationships… thanks for sharing this

  6. Great post Shauna! You are so right, you can either respond or react. I think we all use to react more then we would have responded. Thanks for sharing

  7. Great content! Thanks for sharing, Shauna! 🙂

  8. Wow…awesome post Shauna!

    Loved how you followed Jack Canfield’s formula to find a solution for your car problem!

    Dr. Lisa

  9. Great value, Shauna! Reacting and responding are the two common results of network marketing. As marketers we should know how to deal properly with them. Thanks for your tips.

  10. Actually one of my FAVORITE subjects. I struggled with this for years. Always REACTION based, and ALWAYS unhappy… Then I realized if I responded there would consistently be a different ending. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY… BOOM!

  11. Fantastic advice for people who really want to build long lasting relationships! Thanks for sharing Shauna.

  12. Awesome post Shauna! Totally agree that we should be responding to what’s happening around us, NOT reacting! Thank you so much!

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