Are You David or Are You Goliath?

Are You David or Are You Goliath? 

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I have a very serious question to ask; are you David or are you, Goliath? I know you may be asking what I mean by that, right? Maybe some of you already know where I am going with this, however, do me a favor and ask yourself are you David or are you, Goliath? 

I ask this question are you David or are you, Goliath, because there are so many people that cross my path that, including myself, that well we set goals and then become discouraged. We become discouraged for many reasons some of which are our own thoughts. 

Setting a goal is a battle and a realistic goal at that can be a battle for many people. Actually following through and achieving the goal is a whole another battle of its own. 

David or Goliath

Whether you are a believer or not this lesson is for everyone. Before I go any further have you decided whether you are David or you are Goliath? The true answer may floor you. 

Are you motivated? Do you have incentive? What is your goal (in detail and why do you want to achieve that goal)? Do you have a positive mindset? What about a positive outlook? If you answered yes then you are David! If you answered no then you are Goliath and its okay if you did cause now you know what you need to work on. 

A Lesson from a teenager named David

For 40 days Goliath, known as the giant, challenged and tormented the soldiers of the Israel army. No one, not a soul did anything. Everyone was too scared for they were intimated by Goliath’s size. 

Too often we decide not to set a goal because we become paralyzed by the size of the goal. Instead of focusing on the outcome we focus on the size. If David would have focused on the giant and his size he would have been defeated long before he even faced Goliath. 

When David told his brothers about his goal and how he wanted to take Goliath down they became angry and tried to discourage David. However, David was focused on the prize he had incentive and motive.  He wanted what the King was offering in return for the taking of Goliath. 

David had a positive attitude, he had an incentive, motivation, and he had a plan. He picked his rocks or stones as many refer to them very carefully; he picked 5 to be exact. 

I, of course, believe the most important factor that played a role in David’s success in taking down Goliath was his Faith. Do you have faith in your actions, your work, your daily activities? I ask again are you David or are you, Goliath? 

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  1. Love this Shauna! We definitely resonate more with David because of our faith in God, in our own abilities as well as our clear cut goals. Excellent lesson for all. We must know why we want something, and our faith be bigger than our fears, then take action because faith without works is dead. Thanks for sharing such wisdom. Be blessed. 🙂

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