A Fool Gives Vent to Anger but a Wise Man keeps Control

A Fool Gives Vent to Anger but a Wise Man keeps Control

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A Fool Gives Vent to Anger but a Wise Man keeps Control. Did you know that anger is an emotion given to us from God? I know right, sounds kind of well… crazy in a sense huh? I know I thought so too. Here is the thing though, anger is an emotion that is meant to be our servant not our master.

What am I talking about, you ask? Think about it. When most people, I am guilty of this myself, get upset they tend to allow their anger to get out of control.

I used to be a very angry person. The littlest things would tick me off and sadly I would take something small out on anyone who crossed my path. It was through self-awareness and self-growth that I was able to change this.

Yes, I still get angry from time to time however with this new found attitude and outlook I adopted I actually keep my anger under control. I have to tell you it has changed my life in so many ways.

Just this last Saturday I gave my debit card to my daughter so she could go out to eat with her friend. The next morning she tells me she lost my card and couldn’t find it. Her first words to me were “Don’t be mad but…” I guarantee you she was preparing herself all morning for my reaction.

When she first told me this I thought to myself “stay calm” because I knew if I got upset it would be for no reason at all.

Yes she lost my card, yes I have money in my account, yes someone could find my card but I also knew that I could make one call to the bank and have it canceled immediately. Which is what I did.

The bank canceled my card and issued me a new one that I will get in a few days. About an hour later my daughter found my card in her shoe. Yes her shoe. No idea how it got there, ha.

Keeping Your Anger Under Control

Next time you find yourself getting angry or you can feel the anger beginning to build up inside you, ask yourself:

  1. Is this really worth my anger? You see a lot of the times we get angry over little things that could have been avoided in the first place. Sometimes we get angry over spilled milk that can very easily be cleaned up.
  2. Is this the place, time, or way to express my anger? Have you or have you ever witnessed someone who was angry in public? Maybe in front of a child? Something that people fail to realize is we can choose how we feel. Just like I chose not to be angry with my daughter but rather allow it to be a learning lesson for her, I chose that outcome. You too can choose whether to be angry which will determine the outcome.


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