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 Tell Me Why

If you’re here then you must be looking for a way to make an extra income, right?


You are wanting to earn an income from home doing what you love…..


Maybe your just curious what all this hype is about.

No matter what your reason is for clicking on the Work With Me tab it is your reason and your “WHY”

Remember that… “WHY” …

Take a minute to reflect on WHY you clicked on the Work With Me tab.

This is very important because your “WHY” will determine your success here or anywhere else in life.

So I ask one more time…..

What is your “WHY”?

When I joined SBC I received a packet in the mail (you will too) and it had me, more like forced me, to write down 20 WHY’s yes 20!

I got to 13 and was stuck. I know you’re probably thinking “I can come up with 20 why’s” yeah well it isn’t that easy.

You see these 20 things have to be things that you want with all your heart and soul.

20 WHY’s that will push you to keep going.

Then after you write 20 you have to pick your top 3 and read them every day.

Now you can do this now or you can wait till you get your own SBC package in the mail.

My Top 3 WHY’s

  1. Family Fun (camping, vacations, spontaneous trips, movies, dinners, etc)
  2. Start and build an organization that helps and inspires others
  3. Give more to Kafso Charity

These are my top 3 WHY’s and what motivates me every day and reminds me WHY I started in the 1st place.

Getting Started

1st things 1st, to start making money you absolutely must have a Blog.

A blog is very important here is why:

  • A place for people to come to get to know you
  • You can blog about anything and share it with the world… literally anything (I suggest blogging about your passion)
  • It is a platform that does 24/7 selling for you (all you have to do is drive traffic to it and I can show you how)
  • Position yourself as a Leader
  • Perfect way to Brand Yourself

These are just a few reasons why a Blog is a Must Have!

Now if you don’t already have a Blog there are several options out there. However, I suggest: – You get 1 click WordPress installation, hosting, domain, and more. Oh and you can become an Affiliate for Free and earn $65 per referral that signs up under you. 

Okay so once you have your Blog set up it is now time to add product! Being an affiliate is already one income source and it is a great source as long as you promote it on your Blog. But you still want a physical product to put in people’s hands.

What are 3 things everyone is into?

  • Money (income)
  • Health (losing weight, getting healthy, etc)
  • Beauty (looking younger)

This is where SBC (Skinny Body Care) comes in. SBC is an amazing company that offers Life Changing Products. The great thing about SBC is that you can build a residual income!

I personally swear by the Ageless. The great thing about SBC is that all you have to do send people to a 5-minute video and follow up with them later.

Now to become a distributor you do have to make one purchase a month but to be honest, if you’re gonna sell something then you should be an active user, just saying it makes a world of difference.

So if you haven’t already peaked at SBC click here to get started!

What You Get When You Work With Me     

When you sign up for Bluehost under me and/or you become an SBC distributor under me you get the following:

  • Support (one on one)
  • Access to Closed Facebook Groups
  • Encouragement and Inspiration
  • Weekly meetings and Calls  (optional)
  • Access to any 3 modules of your choice from Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert Blogging course (this course is valued at $297) if you choose to purchase the entire course click here.

So what are you waiting for?!? Still have questions? Email me at I look forward to working with you and building a relationship!

   – Shauna 



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