My Story

My story, I am a single, christian, mom of two pretty awesome kids! Most of my life has been a struggle. I grew up on both sides of the tracks. I was that kid that went to school with hand me downs on and got made fun of because of a shirt I chose to wear that day, among other things.

There was times when our electric was off and we had to live in the dark. I remember many times there was no food in the house and my mom would have to go to a nearby pantry.

Like I said I am from both sides of the track. My dad and my step mom both worked hard and all though they made sure the bills were always paid and there was always food in the house they still struggled and both worked minimum wage jobs.

I should say I grew up on 3 sides of the track cause from the time I was 3 till I was 8 I lived with my aunt and uncle who helped take care of me until my dad remarried. I seen both my parents on the weekends, holidays, and summer. My uncle made really good money and had a really nice house, including a swimming pool. Its crazy how different the environments were.

I knew I wanted more in life, I didn’t want to struggle, I wanted to give my kids more. I went to college and was the first to graduate. Sadly it only made things worse.

I couldn’t find a job because I had no experience or my degree over qualified me. Go figure.

In 2014 I decided to follow my dream and become a 6 Figure Blogger, encouraging others to follow their dreams, and achieve their goals!

I have learned so much through this Journey. I have changed as a person,as a business owner, a parent, and more.

I have met some really amazing people along the way too! People who actually want you to succeed!

Following my dream has allowed me to take vacations, do spontaneous movie dates with my kids (we was never able to do before), and much more.

If you would like to join this journey with me, learn from me, and have someone on your side that believes in you then go to my Work With Me tab in the menu and fill out the form so I can get to know you a little more. Or you can email me directly at

Looking forward to helping you reach your goals and achieve your dreams!

Beach Day Summer 2015 Arkansas

lesson I learned from my 6 year old son

Geo Cashing with My Daughter

a mom at 17

Florida December 2015 Clearwater Beach


Senior Prom 2016 (I spent sooo much money! However she was worth every Penny!)

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 13015648_10209488138786624_4659382306216300448_n 13092177_10209487771137433_1261440610267985129_n

Color Run 2016 with My Daughter and Step-Mom

(Looking forward to many more 5K’s)

13006705_10209437713566025_3576565398709109416_n 12990973_10209437714006036_3618109536879263416_n


Summer 2016






Fugitive Beach – Rolla, Mo 


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