How to Start a Blog and Earn an Income

How To Start A Blog and Earn An Income

How to Start a Blog and Earn an Income

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How to Start a Blog and Earn an Income is easier than you think. It is one of the best decisions I ever made! My Blogging Journey began December 26th, 2014. When I started my Blog I knew I wanted to Blog full time. Writing is a passion of mine and being able to earn an income from my passion was a huge opportunity and I was determined to make it happen. In this post, I am going to share How to Start a Blog and Earn an Income. 

In this post you will learn:

  • How to start a blog step by step 
  • Hosting plans and options
  • How to monetize your Blog

I know a lot of Bloggers and Network Marketers who share how much they have made in a short amount of time or over a period of time; I personally don’t feel right doing this. Here are my reasons why:

  • If I make $10,000. this month and show you proof that is NOT going to help you make $10,000 (if anything this will distract you)
  • Sharing your income results causes people to “get hyped” and then when it gets tough they quit because they were too busy comparing themselves to you instead of working towards their own goals and dreams
  • Seeing large income results sparks the belief that you can make it happen overnight (it takes work, dedication, and persistence… I can show you how)

However, I am a firm believer if I can make this work you can too! I know you can. All you have to do is take the first step! I will help you the rest of the way. So, what do you want to Blog about? What is going to be your niche’? If you have never been to my Blog before I Blog about Goal Setting, Mindset, and How to Get What You Want. 

I love reading books about mindset, goal, success, etc. I also big about going after your dreams so that is what I do. I encourage others to go after their dreams. I believe in you when no one does. 

What I like best about Blogging is I can do it whenever and from wherever I want! Something on my mind that I want to vent about then I just sit down and write it out. Blogging for me is like therapy. It has changed my life in so many ways, including financially. 

1st Step- Get your Blogging platform. For this, I suggest a WordPress Platform hosted by Siteground

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There are many advantages to starting a Blog through Siteground. It only cost few dollars a month and amongst other things it is fast! Trust me on this I was with Bluehost before Siteground and I was NOT happy with my speed and the customer service was not great either. All of which are an A+ at Siteground. 


Click here to get started!

Pick your plan (the Start Up is enough for Bloggers you can upgrade later if needed)

Step 2- Choosing Domain

Clients can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain. This is a good place to emphasize the free website transfer that is included in the SiteGround hosting service.

Start a blog

Step 3- Review and Complete

Unlike many other hosting providers our advertised discount applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the sign up process. Being able to get the low price for the one year period is a fact that increases conversions greatly in comparison to other providers where the lowest monthly price applies only for the longest period. So highlighting this fact may strongly increase your conversions.


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Step 4- Download WordPress and choose a theme


Step 5- Monetize your Blog!

If you want to place ads on your Blog then sign up with Google Adsense it’s free! Propeller Ads is another good one. 

Amazon Affiliates is another great way to monetize. 

One last thing you will need is an Autoresponder for your Newsletters and Subscribers. I use Getresponse and I love them. I use the $15 a month plan which is what I suggest until your list grows. The great thing about Getresponse is you can be an Affiliate with them too! Earn $30 every time you refer someone and your referral earns $30 too! Click here to get an account today! 


Are seeing all the possibilities to Blogging? They are literally endless! The best part is you can blog about anything and people will read it! You just have to attract the right audience which you can do through Social Media for free! 


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