Food Stamps is a Luxury that keeps You on a Crutch

Food Stamps is a Luxury that keeps You on a Crutch

Food Stamps is a Luxury that keeps You on a Crutch

Food Stamps is a Luxury that keeps You on a Crutch

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Food Stamps is a Luxury that keeps You on a Crutch! Yes, I promise you are reading that exactly as it reads. Food Stamps is a Luxury that keeps You on a Crutch. Before you jump to conclusions about what this blog post is about I urge you to keep an open mind.

I have been putting writing this post off for a couple weeks now. Mostly because I am someone who once received food stamps.

When I was a kid I remember going to the store with a $1 food stamp buying a candy bar (back then they was like .45 cents), getting change back and giving it to my mom and sometimes my aunt. I don’t tell you this to make them look bad, no, I share this with you because this was their thinking. That was all they knew. They grew into a poverty comfort zone as many people do.

Maybe it was a pride thing maybe it was just me wanting a better way of life or maybe it was something bigger than me. What ever it was; I knew as a young girl I did not want to live on Public Assistance when I grew up. I wanted more in life.

Jumping ahead many years…. more like the past couple months. I finally achieved my goal to get off food stamps! To me, this was a huge success. It meant that I finally changed my mindset and I am finally going in the direction I have only dreamed about and desired for so long. It meant we aren’t poor anymore, according to my son.

Two things being on food stamps made me realize:

  1. Food Stamps is a luxury
  2. Food Stamps is a crutch to keep you in a poverty mindset

Let me explain. A couple weeks ago my 7-year-old son and I were at the store doing some grocery shopping. Mind you I was paying cash (debit) for our purchase. As we were walking through the store he was picking things out and I would tell him yes or no, mostly no.

Now my son is very used to name brands and a lot yummy snack foods and such. As we are finishing up he wanted something and I said “Not this time maybe next time. I am paying cash for this because we no longer have the luxury of the link card.” I am telling you that just slipped out.

In that instance I realized receiving food stamps really is a luxury. I bought things with my link card that I wouldn’t even think about buying with my hard earned money!

I also realized that being on food stamps was nothing more than a crutch that was holding my poverty mindset at a hold. I was relying on the food stamps to buy food for my kids instead of working a little harder on my blog. I was relying on food stamps to allow me that little extra money I wouldn’t have to spend.

My son, who 7 years old, told my mom recently “We aren’t poor anymore grandma because don’t get food stamps no more!” Hey, he has a point!

When I was on food stamps I never enjoyed my paychecks. I always felt like I was lacking something. Lacking money, lacking success, lacking pretty much everything I wanted. Then when I got off food stamps (my choice) and put my trust in God that is when things began to change.

The very moment I chose to be grateful for the things I had and chose to share the things I was blessed with whether it be giving $20 to my mom out of the blue just because or giving to a charity; things began to change. You see I started living like I already had the life I want and desire.

I stopped looking at every penny as a lack if I spent it and looked at it as a blessing. You too can experience a change like this. Stop looking at everything as a lack and look at it as a blessing from God, even food stamps.

So get off the food stamp crutch and go after your dreams!

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