Define – Learn – Do

Define - Learn - Do

Define - Learn - Do

Define – Learn – Do 

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Have you ever set a goal and just hoped for the best? Did you define what the goal was, learn the actions needed, and then just do it? This is a technique called Define – Learn – Do. First you define the goal. Then you Learn what actions need to be taken to reach the goal. This is the most important part, you Do it. Define – Learn – Do

My goal is to drill this into your head. So I defined what I needed to do, reach my readers and help them understand goal setting. Then I learned what actions needed to be taken, write a blog post and get it out for people to read. Lastly, I had to Do it. Here I am showing you how to Define – Learn – Do



What is the goal you want to set? Is it to make a certain amount of money? Buy a house? Start a new business? Lose some weight?

Whatever the goal is the first thing you need to do is Define the goal. Why do you want to reach the goal?

Do you have a set date by which you want to reach this goal? If not set one but make sure its realistic. If its a big goal break it down into sections. Example you want to make a $1,000 by this time next month. Set a date, then divide the $1,000 by weeks or days; I need to make x amount of dollars each week to reach my goal by so and so date. 


Now that you defined your goal you must Learn what actions need to be taken to reach that goal.

If you are in Network/Internet Marketing are you marketing every day? Have you done the proper training in that field? 

Are you learning from others in the field who are successful? 

No matter what the goal is there is always something to learn about it. Buying a house you need to learn what the down payment is, monthly mortgage, etc. 

Marketing? Starting a home based business? Have you learned what works and what isn’t? Do you know what makes money and what doesn’t?

Is your goal to play golf? Maybe become a Pro-Golfer? Do you know what it takes to become a Pro – Golfer? You see any goal has a learning phase. No matter what it is. 


Okay, so you have the concept of Define and Learn now you have to put it into action and Do what you learned and go after the goal you defined. 

This was something I struggled with when I was in Insurance. I would sit around and daydream all day about what I wanted to accomplish then I would Define it and then I would Learn what I needed to do to reach the goal I set. 

The reason I failed miserably was that A. I had no passion for what I was doing. Yes, I loved it but my passion just wasn’t there. B. I did not Do what I learned. Go back and read that…. I did not Do what I learned. 

If you do not take action you will never meet your goal. If you do not stay focused on what you are going to you won’t ever reach your goal.

If you spend too much time getting wrapped up in defining and learning you will not reach your goal.

Now that I have drilled the concept of Define – Learn – Do into your mind I want you to sit down right now Define your goal. Then I want you to Learn what actions need to be taken and just Do it!

Believe in yourself. Believe you can do it. All things are possible with God. Proverbs 14:23 says 

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

This goes for everybody believer or non-believer. If your gonna sit around and just talk about what you want but never Define – Learn – Do it you simply will stay in the poverty mindset. 

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