Clean Socks

Clean Socks

A Clean Socks Story

Clean Socks

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Do you have clean socks on? I know I know what kind of question is that! Right? This morning, as every morning, I told my son to change his socks and put clean ones on.

Just as I tell him to change his underwear every morning like I am a cassette tape playing over and over. 

He says “But I like these socks and they’re not that dirty!” Of course being a mom and always conscious of how my children look in public they, of course, were dirty to me. 

First thing out of my mouth (must be a mom thing) was “Do you know how many kids would love to have clean socks to wear?!?” I think I said that cause there was a time when I myself didn’t have clean socks to wear. 

Some might say oh that is embarrassing why would you tell people that? I tell that, one because I am an honest person, two because I will always remember where I came from. 

Clean socks to me is a blessing because there was a time when I either had nothing but dirty socks to wear or I had no socks. I can even remember a time when I had to wash my socks by hand and put them in the oven to dry. Needless to say, I toasted a few pair 😉 

This morning I was pumping gas, it was cold so I sat in my car waiting for my tank to fill up. As I sat there I remembered the sock conversation with my son earlier this morning and it reminded of a time, just a few months ago, when I could barely afford to put $5 in my car let alone fill it up. 

Next time you are putting clean socks on be grateful even if it’s just for a moment. 

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